Halloween Decorative Metal Panel with Artesprix Sublimation Ink Pad & Markers!

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Create this Cute Home Decor with the Art of Sublimation!

Learn how to create one-of-a-kind Halloween decor with Sublimation Markers and Ink Pad!

Hello, Artesprix fans! Maria Russell, here again, I am super excited to share with you today’s project! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I go all-out decorating my home! I wanted to do a little bit of mixed-media on this Halloween Decorative Metal Panel and I love how this one turned out!

Halloween Decorative Metal Panel.

Here’s what you’ll need to create the project.

Materials you'll need for Halloween Decorative Metal Panel.



Artesprix Heat Press.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1.

Type and print out the sentiment on a plain piece of typing paper. Trace your Halloween Decorative Metal Panel. Make sure your design is centered on your regular sheet of copy paper.

Design on copy paper.

Step 2.

Flip your design and trace the sentiment onto a new sheet of copy paper using Artesprix Black Sublimation Marker in Fine Point [Designer tip: use a lightbox so that you can easily trace the sentiment].

Step 3.

Place your design inside the stamping tool and position the stamp. Use the Artesprix Sublimation Stamp Pad to stamp the images.

Using a stamp pad tool you will enable you to stamp the images a couple of times on the exact position.

Step 4.

Color the images using Artesprix Sublimation markers.

Halloween Decorative Metal Panel with Iron-on-Ink design.

Step 5.

Secure your design on your Artesprix Decorative Metal Panel by using Artesprix Heat Tape [Designer tip: I used my light box once again to make sure that my design is straight and perfectly centered]. If you are using the Artesprix Heat Press, you only need one on each side to hold it down. If you are using an iron, you will need more. Sometimes the iron will cause the image to slip and you will get a ghost image. [Only use Artesprix Heat Tape on the outer edge of the design (not over it).]

Using a light box will help you position the design perfectly.

Step 6.

Turn your Artesprix Heat Press on and set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and the timer for 90 seconds. Create your sublimation sandwich. Cut two pieces of Protective Paper to cover your Artesprix Halloween Decorative Metal Panel on the top and bottom. [Designer tip: Make sure that your design is facing the heat source before you heat press.] Place it inside the Heat Press and close the machine. The Heat Press will beep indicating that your project is finished!

Ensure to cover your Artesprix Halloween Decorative Metal Panel with Artesprix Protective Paper.

Step 7.

While wearing protective gloves, lift the handle and take your Sublimated Artesprix Halloween Decorative Metal Panel out of the machine. Place the metal panel on top of the Protective Project Mat and give it about half an hour to cool it down.

It is important to wear heat-protective gloves while doing this process.

Step 8

Gently remove the paper to reveal the Sublimated and Beautiful Halloween Decorative Metal Panel!

Make sure to wait about half an hour before touching the metal panel.

Step 9

Use a die from your collection to add the cute ghost. I’ve die-cut the ghost four times on some 110 lb. card stock for added dimension. I also added the cute bow and some sparkling jewels to create more texture. Use your Glue Gun to secure the design piece onto the Decorative Metal Panel.

Die-cut the piece 4 times and adhere with liquid glue.

Here’s a closer look at the Halloween Decorative Metal Panel:

Halloween Decorative Metal Panel.

Isn’t this too cute to spook? I had so much fun creating this cute Halloween Decorative Metal Panel. I can’t wait to create one as a fall decor and one for Christmas!

Halloween Decorative Metal Panel.

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You will find all the blanks and other supplies available for purchase on the Artespix website. Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!

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