Abstract Bag Tags with Artesprix Paint

Hi! My name is Chelsea Rose. I am a mom of two and military spouse who used to be an art teacher and a baker, but currently lives in Japan! Today I’m showcasing Artesprix’s new sublimation acrylic paints on a pair of plastic bag tags. This is my first project with the Artesprix paints and I’m excited to share it and give you guys some pointers!

What is Sublimation Paint?

Artesprix paints are a water-based acrylic paint made with sublimation technology that will fuse to a polyester-based or coated blank, like the sturdy plastic bag tags from this blog. Or these other substrates from Artesprix. The sublimation acrylic paint is painted on a blank paper (copy paper or mixed media paper) and then secured to the blank then heat applied. The final result is one-of-a-kind art molecularly adhered to your project!

artesprix sublimation paint with luggage tags


Artesprix Sublimation Acrylic Paint Set

Plastic Bag Tags

Mixed Media Paper

Protective Paper

Heat Resistant Tape


Paper Towel


Painter’s Tape


Heat Source: Home Iron or Heat Press

Step-by-step Tutorial:

Step 1: Gather your supplies and trace your blank on your paper with a pencil. Pencil will not interfere with your design (but using a pen could!). Also, I chose to tape my design paper down in case the paper warped while I was painting.

sublimation luggage bad template

Step 2: Paint a design. You can layer your paint and mix up your colors. The red sublimates more magenta so keep that in mind. Everything is more dull in the paint form before it is activated with heat. Here is a color mixing chart to give you a sense of how these colors will come out.

sublimation paint design for luggage tags

Step 3: Use a combination of brushes for different effects. Remember to use white to lighten the strong pigments in the paint. Artesprix is wonderful for rich vibrant colors and giving the users the best products that go a long way for our projects! Check out the video of making this design on my YouTube Channel.

bag tag designs with sublimation paint

Step 4: Make the designs for the second side next, since the bag tags are double sided you can sublimate on both sides!

sublimation luggage tag design with artesprix paint

Step 5: Let the paint dry completely before securing the blanks with heat tape. The tape helps keep my design flush against my blank and prevent any movement during the transfer process.

secured sublimation bag tags with heat tape

Step 6: Use the best protective paper for sublimation to create a "Sublimation Sandwich". You can use two pieces ("Sandwich") or one big one folded over ("Taco Style") to protect your heat press from the sublimation paint. Make sure the design is on top of the blank, so that the heat on has to go through the paper with the design, not the blank. 

sublimation luggage tag with protective paper before transfer

Step 7:  This project presses at 400℉ for 60 seconds. To double check the recommended press times go to Artesprix’s directions site.

sublimation luggage tag after transfer
Step 8: Peek test! If you need more time, be careful to keep the tape intact so your design doesn’t shift. Also, be careful, the blank is hot!

Step 9: Big reveal Tim! Look at how the colors have transformed! You can see all sorts of details from the brushstrokes, the colors blending, the layers or details. The darker details pop from the background. I’m so happy with the outcome. This design has one of the detailed sides and one of the lighter ombre sides.

sublimation bag tags with artesprix acrylic paint

Step 10: If you want to sublimate the second side, allow the blank to cool. Then position the second design on the blank, tape, protective paper sandwich, and press again.  

Step 11: Once the tags have cooled, finish them with the plastic loop and they are ready for your next adventure. Decorate any bag with whatever designs you can paint with the sublimation paint. I might add vinyl on mine when I decide what information needs to be recorded.

sublimation luggage tag with artesprix paint

I know you will love painting with the Artesprix sublimation acrylic paints. They work just like paint, the texture of the paint, the way it blends, the only secret is how it’ll look when it’s activated with heat! I don’t think those reveals will ever get old. 

Check out another project using the paints here. If you want to get more inspiration for your sublimation and crafting journey make sure to join the Artesprix facebook group! And if you want to see what I’m up to in Japan - come follow along over on instagram.

Thank you for reading!

Chelsea Rose

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