Mixed Media Artesprix Poly-Canvas Zip Case

Hello Artesprix fans!  It’s Maria here again on the blog to share another sublimation project!  I will be traveling home soon for the holidays and I wanted to take a cute little bag for all of my doodads!  Artesprix sells the Poly-canvas Zip Case that is perfectly sized to fit in my purse, so this is what I’m sharing with you today.Artesprix Floral Poly-Canvas Zip Case

Materials You’ll Need for this project:

Step 1. Trace your blank on a plain piece of copy paper with a pencil.  I didn’t trace the area where the zipper is because this is not going inside the heat press anyway.

Trace your blank

Step 2. Position your paper inside your stamping tool and stamp your design using Artesprix Sublimation Ink Pad.

Stamp onto copy paper

Step 3. I stamped my images randomly and filled in the space.

Iron-on-Ink design on copy paper

Step 4. Place your Poly-Canvas Zip Case on top of your design and secure it with Artesprix heat tape.  Designer tip:  only use Artesprix heat tape on the outer edge of your design (not over it), as the heat resistant characteristic of the tape will affect the consistency of the transfer.

Step 5. Create your Sublimation Sandwich, from bottom to top:

  • Artesprix Protective Paper
  • Artesprix Blank Poly-Canvas Zip Case (face down) on top, with Artesprix Protective Tape
  • Artesprix Protective Paper

Sublimation Sandwich

Step 6. When your Artesprix heat press temperature reaches 400 deg. F, you are ready to do the sublimation.  Place your “sublimation sandwich” inside with the zipper of the Poly-Canvas Case on the outside of the Heat Source and heat press for 45 secondsI forgot to do this the first time I created the project, and I ruined my project as you can see below.  I wanted to include this photo here so that you don’t make the same mistake that I did earlier.

If using Home Iron/Dry Iron hold stationary while pressing firmly for approximately 3 minutes (do not leave heat source unattended).

Artesprix Heat Press

Step 7. Once the heat press timer beeps, take your design and place on your project mat to cool for a few minutes before handlingSublimation Process

Step 8. Gently remove the protective paper from the Poly-Canvas Zip Case to reveal the design.

The Big Reveal

Step 9. Add some rhinestones on the design using a strong mixed -media glue.

Iron-on-Ink Poly Zip Case

Step 10. Add a black bow to the zipper.

I really LOVE how this Poly-Canvas Zip Case turned out.  I am a bit bummed that my other project didn’t work out because of my mistake.  I love how colorful the first project was, but mistakes happen although I think I prefer this black and white design.  Here’s another look:

Stop by the Artesprix website to see all the other cool projects created by the design team.  Be sure to check us out on Pinterest as well.

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Thanks for joining us today and happy crafting!

Maria Russell 


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