Artesprix Christmas Canvas Tote Bag!

Hi Iron-on-Inkers! 

Allison here again with our second Blank of the Month! I'm SO excited to share this blog and blank. This blank makes a wonderful gift giving opportunity for the end of this holiday seasons!

This month we are featuring an amazing Poly Canvas Tote Bag! This bag is amazing quality and I LOVE how it rests on my shoulder. It can also fit so many things which is a total BONUS for a mom on the go like me. To see this tutorial LIVE join our Iron-on-Ink Inspirational Group. We would LOVE have you to our Artesprix Craft Room our all Iron-on-Ink BOTM projects.

Here is what I found on Google for inspiration that I wanted to put on my Blank of the Month Tote Bag! 

Let's get to it!

design inspiration for Tote Bag


Step-by-Step Tutorial for Artesprix December Blank of the Month Canvas Tote Bag:

Step 1: Take a regular sheet of copy paper and plan out your design that you would like to transfer to your Canvas Tote Bag. I flipped my printed design over so that the text would be backwards and I traced my design on a new sheet of copy paper on top. This is a very important step because all text needs to be mirrored in your design so that it reads correctly on the completed project. 

Trace your design on a new sheet of copy paper using pencil

Using pencil is great for preparation because it does not transfer at all, I love that! 

Trace your design on regular copy paper using a light box

Step 2: Start coloring your design with any choice of Artesprix Sublimation Marker. I used an array of colors from all packs to make this Holiday Tote Bag really pop. 

Color your design with Iron-on-Ink Markers

Step 3: Place you design face down to the desired area on your Canvas Tote Bag. Be sure to secure the design with Artesprix Heat Tape properly, this will ensure that there will not be any smudging or shifting during the sublimation process

Step 4. Create an Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich. This is one sheet of Protective Paper on the bottom of your blank and one piece on top. It is also a very good idea to place on inside the Canvas Tote Bag to ensure that each design stays on the designated side if you plan on designing on both sides of Tote Bag.

Sublimation Sandwich and Heat Tape

Step 5. Place you Tote Bag completely prepped with steps 1-4 in the Artesprix Heat Press. This Blank of the Month Tote Bag is going to be set for 45 seconds and 400 degrees. You can always find the directions for all Blank of the Months on the Artesprix Home Page next to the featured blank. 

Instructions for Blank of the Month Tote Bag

Step 6. When you Heat Press timer has gone off, use heat gloves and remove Tote Bag from Heat Press. Fabric blanks tend to cool off much faster than other types so it should just take a few min. 

Step 7. Peak Test. Take a, "peek" to see if your design transferred vibrantly and vivid. If it didn't, don't worry go back and check your time temperature and pressure and give it a go one more time! Your design may have been on the bottom of your blank or your tempature/time may not have been right - be sure to check everything twice!

Peak and make sure your design transferred properly

Step 8. Peel off your sheet of copy paper and admire your beautiful Canvas Tote Bag! 

Artesprix December Blank of the Month!

How FUN was this December Blank of the Month? 

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See you next time for January's Blank of the Month. What will it be!?

- Allison 







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