Whimsical Wine Bag Iron-on-Ink Project

Hi Iron-on-Inkers! Artesprix Allison on the Blog! 

Please join me as I go over my really fun Wine Bag Blank of the Month Tutorial HERE! As you probably can imagine, I love working with Iron-on-Ink for MANY reasons. However, the one main reasons is that it is so versatile! Take any polyester fabric and turn that blank into a work of ART! 

Recently Artesprix started a Blank of the Month Program. EVERY month Artesprix has a Blank that is running for JUST that month. Makers, just like YOU, get to try out fun blanks every month that Artesprix thought might be extra fun for you all! How awesome is that?!

This month it is a gorgeous Wine Bag! Artesprix Blank of the Month

Tools & Supplies:

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1. Trace your blank onto you sheet of regular copy paper using a pencil. Pencil does not transfer and keeps your blank from getting any Iron-on-Ink on it! I always recommend using pencil first to plan your project. 

Trace your blank on plain copy paper

Step 2. Using your choice of Iron-on-Ink colors, draw directly onto the Gel Plate. Cover your gel plate with your choice of colors and then add IPA to your liking. I would recommend and "S" shape over the array of colors. This way all the colors can blend together. 

Iron-on-Ink on Gel Plate

IPA on Gel Plate

Step 3. Quickly lay your copy paper on top of Gel Plate. Use Gel Press Brayer and roll out the Gel Plate on to your copy paper. 

Press copy paper on Gel Press Plate

Step 3. Remove piece of paper and look at your Iron-on-Ink design so far. If there is any extra ink on the Gel Plate give you paper another press to use up all the ink for a fun design!

Draw on Gel Press Plate

Step 4. I wanted to add some cute Valentine's Day symbols so I drew clouds and lips directly on the Gel Plate. Then, laid the same piece of paper on top and pressed in the design with the brayer. The symbols turned out so cute! 

Iron-on-Ink Gel Press Plate design

Step 5. Grab your light box and the floral designs printed from the internet. Lay your existing design paper onto of your floral printed designs and start tracing with an Iron-on-Ink marker of choice. I mixed a few pinks and purples to blend the designs together. 

Floral Design on Copy Paper using Iron-on-Ink

Step 6. Take a marker and put it in your Marker Sprayer. Tighten the screw so that the nib meets the end of the sprayer. Then, spray over your copy paper.

Marker Sprayer

Step 7. Draw extra designs using just your Iron-on-Ink Marker! I just added a few fun lines around my design for that extra POP! 

Finished Iron-on-Ink design

Step 8. Set Heat Press to 400 degrees for 60 seconds. 

Step 9. Tape down your design to your blank using Artesprix Heat Tape. Two or three pieces works great when working with a Heat Press. Use more Heat Tape if using a Home Iron. 

Tape project down to paper using Artesprix Heat Tape

Step 10. Create an Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich. Place one sheet on top on your project and one sheet below your entire project. Make sure that your design is face down to your blank on top of your sublimation sandwich. 

Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich

Step 11. Next, carefully place your project in the Heat Press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.

Step 12. After your Artesprix Heat Press goes off it is time for the BIG Reveal! Tear off your copy paper and reveal your personalized January Blank of the Month project! You can even add a smaller blank to your project just like my Maple Bag Tag!

Artesprix Blank of the Month

How fun was that? I LOVE how my project turned out! There are SO many tools you can use with Artesprix's Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers. The possibilities are truly endless! 

If you liked this project leave a comment below!

See you soon, 

Allison :) 





  • Amazing, very neat how you used the Gel Press!

    Posted by Ashley on January 29, 2021
  • This is pretty!!

    Posted by NICOLE MARTEL on January 18, 2021

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