Artesprix Plastic Keychain with Sublimation Markers

Create a lunch Artesprix Plastic Keychain using Sublimation Markers!

Make an DIY Lunch Box Keychain using a Plastic Keychain Sublimation Blank

Hello, Artesprix friends Ivy here with an easy Artesprix Plastic Keychain project. My son starts Kindergarten at the end of the month and we are prepping by labeling all his things. I hope you like this project, let’s get started.

Artesprix Plastic Bag Tag.



Step-by-Step Tutorial:


Let’s start by tracing your Artesprix Plastic Keychain on to white copy paper using a pencil.

Step 2:

Trace a letter without using a lightbox or window to see how easy it would work. I used a black sticker and adhered it on another sheet of paper. Then, flip the copy paper trace the outline of the R. When I flipped my copy paper over I am still able to see the outline, which I then used my fine tip black Artesprix Markers to draw the outline.

Step 3:

You can use a ruler to help create straight lines. Take a different color marker for each line to create a pattern.

Finished piece

Step 4:

Line up your Artesprix Plastic Keychain on your colored piece and use the Artesprix heat tape to hold your keychain place. This is a really important step because if you don’t tape it down there is a chance it could move and cause a shadow image.

Step 5:

It’s time for a sublimation sandwich! Cut the protective paper large enough to cover your paper and I like to fold mine over to make a “sandwich.” Make sure that your design is facedown to your blank on the top of your sublimation sandwich when placed in the Heat Press.

Step 6:

Turn on your heat-press and set the temperature at 400 degrees. Put your sublimation sandwich on the heat press with the design facing up. Press the image for 60 seconds.

heat press image up

Step 7:

Carefully lift the corner of your Artesprix Plastic Keychain project and take a small sneak peek. Check to see if all the colors are vibrant and everything transferred. Carefully place your pressed piece on the Artesprix Protective Project Mat to cool. Once it’s cooled you can go ahead and remove the tape to unveil the Artesprix Keychain.

Step 8:

The Artesprix Plastic Keychain comes with a keyring and the attachment piece. It is really easy to put together. Once you attach the pieces your keychain is complete.

keychain clips

I hope you enjoyed this project!

If you want to see more check out this other project I made using the Maple Keychain or These other projects using keychains made by Courtney and Nicole.

Happy Crafting,


sublimation keychain

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