Artesprix Sublimation Frame using Iron-on-Ink Markers!

Create a Zentangle frame using Artesprix Fine Point Sublimation Marker!

Learn how to create a unique Zentangle Artesprix Frame using this amazing technique!

Hello Ivy here! Today I am bringing you a fun Sublimation Project that you can work on a little at a time. If you like to doodle this project is for you! Have you heard of Zentangle art? The idea is to create elemental strokes called tangles to make combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves and orbs. Im so excited! Let’s get started with making an Artesprix Zentangle Frame.

finished frame

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

In my opinion, Artesprix Sublimation Markers are the coolest product to come to the Sublimation Industry! These markers allow you to transfer your design from regular copy paper to any substrate with polyester in it. The more polyester in your blank the better the transfer. I am using an Artesprix Picture Frame which is 100% Polyester coating so we will get an amazing transfer when the sublimation process takes place!


Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1:

Take your picture frame and trace it on to the plain copy paper.

Trace frame

Step 2:

There is no right or wrong way to draw a pattern. Zentangling is suppose to be a relaxing art. Draw what feels comfortable to you. Using a pencil draw straight lines or squiggles around the frame with a light hand. The lines will be the separation of the pattern.

Pencil does not transfer to your blank so don’t worry about messing up prepping your design!

draw lines on the frame

Step 3:

When starting with Zentangle it can be hard to think of unique patterns. It is helpful to google “Zentangle Patterns,” and gather some inspiration. Find one that inspires you are start on one section and go from there.

Zentange Inspiration.

Step 4:

Start drawing the patterns using the Artesprix fine point marker. Remember this is something you can work on a little at a time when the mood strikes. I completed filling in the frame working on it on and off for 4 days. The key is to work one section at a time, that’s why having a line helps keep the patterns separated. Also another tip is to draw over the frame lines. This will help prevent any white space on the edge of the frame when its heat pressed.

Step 5:

Once the pattern is complete, take the picture frame and line it up over the finished artwork. Use your Artesprix Heat Tape to keep the frame in place. This step is really important because a slight movement can cause the frame to have a shadow.

Step 6:

Set your heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and the timer for 30 seconds. Create an Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich by using the Protective Paper to cover the bottom and top of your project. Be sure that your design is face down to your blank and at the top of your Sublimation Sandwich when placing project in Heat Press.

Step 7:

Take a small peek to make sure everything transferred well. Gently remove the tape from the frame to reveal the finished project. Wow, this looks amazing!

Step 8:

It is time for the Big Reveal! Here is what the finished Artesprix Zentangle Frame looks like! I love it! All Iron-on-Ink Projects are truly a DIY work of art.

Artesprix Sublimation Frame

Step 9:

Assemble the frame by placing the acetate piece to cover the opening. Remove the adhesive from the backing and adhere together.

Frame assembly

What do you all think? It looks so cute in my son’s bedroom to match his decor!

Artesprix Sublimation Frame.

I hope you enjoyed this Zentangle frame project. Be sure to check out the Artesprix blog for other ideas using sublimation markers. Need more inspiration? Take a look at these halloween bag tags made by Gina.

Thank you for joining me today! Have a crafty day.


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