Artesprix Sublimation Rainbow Shirt

Hello crafty Artesprix friends Ivy here. I’ve been loving all the fun rainbow prints and designs I’m seeing recently but I noticed a lot of them are traditional, pastel or "girly" colors.

I wanted to create a sublimation rainbow shirt for my son and that’s when I had the idea to make it in different shades of blue.

Sublimation TShirt

What are sublimations markers?

Artesprix markers enables you to draw on regular paper and transfer on to sublimation blank materials such as totes bags, bookmarks and keychains and more.

To Create this Tshirt, you will need the following: 


Sublimation Markers-Black Broad tip

Heat Press or Regular Iron

Heat Tape

Protective Paper Roll



Electronic Cutting Machine

Tee Square It

  1. The first step is to use an electronic cutting machine to draw the image using an Artesprix marker. Set your image on “draw” mode. Insert Artesprix marker and watch it go to work. Don’t forget to “reverse” the image when you send it to draw.

Silhouette Cameo Design Store


Silhouette Cameo Sublimation Marker Pen Holder

  1. Next is the fun part! Color the image in I used all the different shades of blue in all the Artesprix packs. I just mixed and matched there’s really no right or wrong way I was going for an Ombre look.


Sublimation Markers Silhouette Cameo Design Space


Sublimation Markers Coloring Rainbow T-shirt

  1. Once you are finished coloring, turn on the heat press and set the temp to 370℉.

  1. Place the shirt on the heat press and use a lint roller to remove all the lint. Press for 10 seconds. This will ensure all the moisture and wrinkles are removed.


Sublimation T-shirt Heat Press


  1. Take the protective paper and measure enough to cover the top and bottom of the T-shirt. Also cut another sheet to put in between the shirt so you can prevent any ink transfer. 

Heat Craft Press Sublimation T-shirt

  1. Use a Tee Square It to help align the shirt and make sure it’s perfectly centered.

Once you like where its placed, use the heat protective tape to keep it in place.

Sublimation T-shirt Design TSquare IT

TSqaure Alignment Tool Sublimation Shirt

  1. Press for 30 seconds. Take a small sneak peek at to make sure the color transferred properly for your sublimation rainbow shirt project.

Sublimation Transfer

  1. Look at that transfer! It turned out great! The reveal is always my favorite part!

Sublimation Rainbow Shirt Silhouette Design Store

Here is the finished shirt!!! So quick and so easy.

Sublimation Design T-shirt Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Cameo Sublimation Design Shirt

I hope you enjoyed this sublimation rainbow shirt project!  Be sure to stop by the Artesprix blog to check more amazing projects.

I can’t believe this is my last blog post for Artesprix! 

It’s been wonderful sharing all the fun Artesprix projects with you guys this past year!

I will still be around to share other projects using the Blank of the Month blanks so be on the look out for that! 

See you next time craft friends.



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