Beach Rules Artesprix Tote Bag

Nicole here!  I’m squeezing in my last summer project before autumn begins. I have some fun fall projects in the works, but until then...let me share my beach tote bag. This post is for all of my beach loving fans!

Sublimation beach tote bag with sublimation markers

To create this Artesprix Tote Bag, you will need the following...


TCW2418 Sunset Stencil and TCW2431 Beach Rules Stencil (The Crafter’s Workshop) 

Sublimation Pastel Markers

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Magic Ink that transfers their beautiful colors from plain copy paper to a polyester product with a heat source. Iron-on-Ink Markers are the way to personalize sublimation, which is specially formulated inks that transfer only when activated with heat.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: To begin, I taped two letter sized sheets of copy paper together using heat tape so that the paper would be long enough for the stencil.

copy paper for sublimation project DIY with heat transfer markers

Step 2: Next, I used a Mechanical Pencil to trace the stencil. The mechanical pencil works best with these stencils since there are several intricate cuts. Make sure you flip the stencil over so that the image is mirrored.

the crafters workshop stencil DIY sublimation with iron-on-Ink markers

Step 3: Before you start coloring, this is a great time to preheat your heat press to 400℉

Step 4: Color! I selected a few colors from the Pastel and Original Sublimation Markers that would work well for this Tote.

Sublimation design with heat transfer markers beach tote

Step 5: Once you're finished designing it is time to secure your design to your blank. Using Heat Tape, tape down the image onto the tote bag with the design face down. Be sure to be generous and tape all sides so that the paper does not slip in the press.

Disclosure: Artesprix sends us multiple blanks for each blog. I initially made the mistake of not using a lot of heat tape for this larger blank, and had to redo the project because the design shifted and it ghosted because I did not use enough tape. Learn from me and be generous with your heat tape after you spent the time creating!

sublimation beach tote bag with Artesprix iron-on-ink markers

Step 6: Create Sublimation Sandwich. One piece of Protective Paper at the top (to protect your heat platen) and bottom of the Tote Bag (to protect the other side/keep it white). 

Note: Not all tote bags are created equal if you are using a lower quality tote bag you will want to use an additional piece of protective paper in-between your tote to prevent ink from going to the other side. 

sublimation tote bag beach bag with sublimation markers

Step 7: Place Sublimation sandwich in the heat press for 45 seconds at 400℉. Ensure that your design is on the top side of the heat press, so the heat can infuse into the bag directly, top to bottom (as opposed to bottom to top). 

sublimation tote bag beach bag with Artesprix sublimation markers

Step 8: Gently remove the Tote Bag from the heat press and take a sneak peek to ensure you got a great transfer. If you didn't check your sublimation sandwich, it may have been upside down. 

sublimation markers with DIY beach tote bag iron-on-ink

Step 9: Gently remove the heat tape to reveal your vivid design!

sublimation beach tote bag no printer heat transfer markers

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These products are so much fun. Give them a try… you WILL love them! I promise.

Thanks so much for visiting today!

Nicole Martel

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