Coasters For Mother’s Day using Iron-on-Ink

Design a beautiful Sublimated Coaster Gift Set

Iron-on-Ink Custom Coaster Project – find out why you don’t have to mirror!

These pretty DIY Coasters are the perfect way to show mom you’re thinking of her on Mother’s Day!  

DIY Iron-on-Ink custom coaster project.

There’s nothing moms love more than a gift made from the heart. I know that I always love getting handmade gifts and when it’s something I can use in my day to day life, even better!

This year I’m making a Mother’s Day gift using my new Artesprix Sublimation Markers. I’ve been using them to make lots of fun crafts lately, from tote bags to DIY makeup bags and I’ve got even more up my sleeve for later. 

This time I’m making a set of coasters and love that I can use these makers to personalize them with pretty designs, funny quotes or anything else I come up with. All I need is a box of Artesprix markers and I’m ready to create.   

What Are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

If you like crafting, you’re going to love Artesprix Sublimation Markers! These markers allow you to transfer drawings from regular paper onto other surfaces such as key chains, bags, fabrics and much more. If you’re transferring a design directly to fabric, you’ll just want to be sure that it’s polyester (however, there ARE ways around that). 

The beauty of these DIY coasters is that you don’t need very many supplies…



  • Artesprix Heat Press, Dry Iron or Home Iron
  • Lightbox (optional)

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1.

You’ll want to start by tracing your coasters onto a piece of white copy paper. This will help you to keep track of the size of the space you’re working with, so that your design doesn’t end up larger than the actual coaster.

Trace Coaster Blank onto regular copy paper with a pencil.

Now is also a good time to go ahead and preheat your heat press to 400°. 

Step 2.

Now for the best part…it’s time to create your design. You can draw a design straight onto the copy paper or print something you find online. If you print something, you’ll just have to adjust the size to fit your design space.  

You also won’t need to mirror your design for this project as you may have done for other sublimation crafts. Just place your design on a lightbox, put the paper with the traced coaster shape on top, then trace your design with Artesprix Markers.

If tracing is needed, use a light box and Iron-on-Ink markers to design.

I like to color in the background to add even more color. This is the one time that it’s okay to color outside the lines because that will ensure that you don’t have any empty spaces around the edges of your coasters. 

 Fully colored Iron-on-Ink design on regular copy paper for Coaster Project.

Don’t worry if your colors look slightly dull because they’ll totally come to life once the heat is applied!

Step 3.

Now, place designs ink side up, then lay the glass coasters over the top. Be sure the smooth side is down, against the ink.

Custom Coaster Iron-on-Ink design on copy paper.
place designs ink side upplace designs ink side up

Be sure your design is aligned with the coaster and tape with heat resistant tape. It’s very important to use only heat resistant tape since regular tape can melt in a heat press.

Step 4.

Now it’s time to make a sublimation sandwich. To do this, you’ll need Artesprix Protective Paper.

Artesprix Protective Paper roll needed for Custom Coaster Project.

Cut one piece of protective paper, a little larger than the coaster. Next, place the coaster on top, ink side up. Finally, place another sheet of protective paper over that. Place it all into the heat press, with the ink side on top.

Sublimation Sandwich with Custom Coaster Project.

Note: You can also use a dry iron set to linen or the highest setting. A home iron will work as well but just know that the holes in a home iron won’t all heat to pass through evenly.

Step 5.

Heat at 400° for two minutes (remember not to leave your heat source unattended). After two minutes, remove your coaster and place it on a protective mat or heat resistant surface to cool down. When it’s cool to the touch, remove the tape and paper to reveal your design.

Completed Iron-on-Ink DIY coaster project with Artesprix Marker Packs.

You have completed an Iron-on-Ink DIY Coaster Project! The colors really pop once the heat is added and these turned out so pretty! What mom wouldn’t love getting these coasters as a Mother’s Day gift?!  

Completed Iron-on-Ink DIY coaster project.
Pinterest cover for completed Iron-on-Ink DIY coaster project.

You could also make DIY coasters to give as a hostess gift, bring to a housewarming party or give to grandma and grandpa for grandparents day. If you love these Custom Coasters check out this amazing Iron-on-Ink Makeup Bag.

All you need are your Artesprix Sublimation Markers and your imagination.

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