Congrats Grad Iron-On-Ink Poly-Canvas Zip Case Gift Idea

Create a DIY Mixed Media Poly-Canvas Zip Case

Learn how to make the perfect gift for your graduate!

Celebrate your graduate with DIY Iron On Ink Canvas Zip CaseCreate a fun Congrats Grad Iron On Ink Canvas Zip Case filled with gifts for the graduate. Artesprix sublimation markers are perfect for customizing the Poly Canvas Zip Case with a message specifically designed with your graduate in mind.

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Congrats Grad Iron On Ink Canvas Zip Case

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix sublimation markers allow you to create your own designs on plain copy paper. Using a heat transfer source, like a heat press or even your home iron, you can transfer that image to any polyester or poly coated surface through the dye sublimation heat transfer process: heating the iron on ink turns it from liquid state to gaseous form, allowing it to permeate the substrate (we like to call them “blanks”) as a dye that stains the blank you’re working on. This turns your design into a lasting image that will not fade! Pretty cool, right?

Let’s Make the Congrats Grad Iron On Ink Canvas Zip Case


Iron On Ink Canvas Zip Case Gift Idea

Congrats Grad Iron-On-Ink Canvas Zip Case Gift Idea Step-by-Step

Step 1.

I designed the mirrored GRAD image in an online photo editor and created a handy template for you to use. Print the image on plain copy paper. Or, you can design your own image right on the copy paper. I traced the poly canvas zip case around my design to give me an idea of placement when it’s time to press.

print template on plain copy paper for use with iron on ink markers from Artesprix

Step 2.

Using the fine tip black sublimation marker, I first traced the letters to get an even line. Next, I filled in the letters with the chisel tip marker. The chisel tip is perfect for creating thicker lines that fill the image evenly.

Artesprix sublimation marker for poly canvas zip case

TIP: I didn’t notice the little uneven spot alongside the letter “D” before I pressed. If I had noticed, I could have used a sliver of heat resistant tape to block off that unevenness so that it would not have transferred. The Heat Tape is great for fixing boo-boos, when you notice them!

Step 3.

Use the Artesprix Heat Tape to secure blank to your Iron-on-Ink design on copy paper.

Artesprix heat resistant tape on poly canvas zip case from

I used the traced outline of the case to place it over the design and taped the case on three sides. Since I planned to leave out the zippered edge of the case from the heat press, there was no need to tape it.

Step 4.

Set the heat press to 400˚degrees Fahrenheit and the timer for 45 seconds.

Step 5. Create a “sublimation sandwich.” Cut a piece of protective paper slightly larger than the zip case and place it on your work surface. Next, add the filling, aka, your taped design and poly canvas zip case. Ensure the copy paper with the design is on top so that it is close to the heat source. Lastly, layer with one more piece of protective paper on top.

sublimation sandwich for Congrats Grad Iron On Ink Zip Case Gift Idea

Step 5.

Transfer the sublimation sandwich to the Artesprix Heat Press set and press your Poly-Canavs Zip Case.

iron on ink on poly canvas zip case for

When the heat press was finished, I carefully placed the sublimation sandwich on the Protective Project Mat to cool. Waiting is difficult! I was excited to see the magic.

Step 6.

Peel off your copy paper from your blank and reveal your Iron-on-Ink Poly-Canvas Zip Case Project!

Personalize the Zip Case

Congrats Grad Iron On Ink Canvas Zip Case Gift Idea

Step 6. I added some gold “congratulations” rub on’s I found in my craft stash. You could use the markers to write your own-just be sure to mirror the sentiment on the copy paper. Other alternatives: stickers or mixed media embellishments.

Step 7. I also added some black pom-pom ribbon from my stash and a baker’s twine tassel. Fill your Congrats Grad Iron-On- Ink Zip Case with gifts your GRAD will love and appreciate.

Some gift giving ideas for this Iron-on-Ink Project:

  • Money
  • Gift Cards
  • Candy
Congrats Grad Iron On Ink Canvas Gift Idea

There are so many fun ways you can personalize these poly zip cases. Check out Ivy’s cool watercolor technique!

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