How to make a beautiful watercolored Poly-Canvas Zip Case

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DIY Artesprix Poly-Canvas Zip Case

Create a watercolor floral design using Iron-on-Ink

Water Colored Poly Cavas Zip Case

Hi! Ivy here from ivypinkmade. This is my first blog post for Artesprix and I’m so excited to design a Poly-Canvas Zip Case and show you another fun way to use your markers. Artesprix markers are water-based which gave me the idea to mix it with water and achieve a more watercolor painting effect.


Here is what you will need to complete an Iron-on-Ink Poly-Canvas Zip Case using Artesprix’s sublimation markers.

1. Artesprix Sublimation Markers
2. Artesprix Poly-Canvas Zip Case
3. Artesprix Stamp pad
4. Plain Copy Paper
5. Artesprix Protective Paper
6. Non-porous surface (I used a Teflon sheet)
7. Flower stamps
8. Water spritzer


1. Artesprix Heat Press or Dry Iron or Home Iron 
2. Artesprix Heat Tape

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1.

First I wanted to complete my watercolored background. I used different shades of pink that were in the same color family and drew small circle scribbles on the Teflon.

Step 2.

Then I used a water spritzer and sprayed the Teflon until the marker lines became large droplets.

Lightly spray marker doodles with water.

Step 3.

Fold the Teflon sheet till the colors blend and then press your plain copy paper on top of the Teflon.

Fold paper to mix colors.

When you lift up you should have a blend of water colored background.

Press copy paper onto of teflon sheet to transfer colors.

The colors will look muted and water-downed but don’t worry the colors will be more vibrant when its heat pressed.

Step 4.

Once your sheet is dry take the Artesprix zip pouch and trace around it to keep track of the space you want to stamp on.

Lay your blank on top of paper.

Step 5.

Next, I used the Artesprix stamp pad to ink up my flower stamps and use them as the final touch of my design. After I pressed them onto my Iron-on-Ink water colored copy paper I colored in the centers of the flowers to give it a little depth. Then, I pressed them onto Iron-on-Ink water colored copy paper. I also colored in the centers of the flowers to give it a little depth.

Prepare stempi with Artesprix Stamp Pad.

Step 5.

Once you are done use scissors to trim around the outline of the workspace and place the image face down on your zip pouch. Then, tape your design down with Artesprix heat tape.

Step 6.

Cut two pieces of Artesprix protective paper and create (as Artesprix likes to call it) a “sublimation sandwich,” which means you place your project facing the top between two sheets of protective paper.

Step 7.

Set your heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 45 seconds for the timer. Make sure you place your project in your heat source facing up. After your timer has completed, make sure to let your project cool down before touching it.

Place blank in heat press with protective paper on top and on bottom on project.

Step 8.

Remove tape gently. It’s amazing once you remove the copy paper how vibrant the colors turned out to be.

Take paper off of blank for the big reveal.

I am still amazed every time I see the final reveal!

Completed Iron-on-Ink Poly-Canvas Zip Case.

Check out the step by step tutorial in this short video:

Here is a clip of how you can design an Artesprix watercolor based Poly-Canvas Zip Case with Iron-on-Ink Markers.

It’s so fun and easy I want to make more custom zip pouches to organize all the things!

If you love this you will definitely love Maria’s National Hamburger Day Bookmarks, be sure to check them out!

Thanks for stopping by happy crafting!

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