Crafty and Custom Artesprix Sports Towel!

Hello crafty Artesprix friends! Ivy here with Artesprix’s blank of the month! Such a fun new program that Artesprix has launched so you can try new sublimation blank every month! This months blank is a Poly Towel that is very soft. Use it in your craft room or for your next gift giving opportunity! Let’s get started!Artesprix Poly Sports Towel

 What are Sublimations Markers?

Artesprix markers enable you to draw on regular paper and transfer your design on to sublimation polyester blanks such as totes bags, bookmarks and keychains by using a heat source. 

To create this pillow case  you will need the following:

Artesprix Poly Towel

Sublimation Markers

Heat Press or Regular Iron

Heat Tape

Protective Paper Roll



Light Box

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Use a pencil to draw a sentiment on blank sheet of paper. A lightbox will be very helpful when tracing the image in reverse. Trace your design on plain copy paperUse light box to trace design
  1. I made a mistake while tracing, see the letter S its backwards.Design using Iron on Ink
  1. To fix it, I cut it out completely and used the Artesprix heat tape to cover it from the back and cut another S facing the right way. I used the heat tape to hold it in place. Heat Tape to fix S
  1. I drew art supply images and colored it in to finish up my image. Color using Iron on Ink
  1. Set the temperature on the heat press to 400. Wait for the press to pre heat. Artesprix Heat Tape to secure design
  1. Once your heat source reaches 400, cut two pieces of Artesprix Protective Paper.

*Place a protective sheet on the bottom of the press and then the towel and another protective paper on top to make a sublimation sandwich.*Protective Paper for project

  1. Press for 60 seconds. Take a quick sneak peek to ensure everything transferred properly.Artesprix Peak Test

Here’s the finished project! I’ve made so many Artesprix projects and I’m still amazed at the outcome each time. This time it was no different! I love how vibrant the colors are now that my design transferred on the towel. It looks so good! Artesprix Iron on Ink Poly Sports Towel

If you enjoyed this project, check out this Spring Towel by Nicole for another idea using months Blank of the Month!

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    Posted by NICOLE MARTEL on March 25, 2021

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