Decorative Metal Planner Panel using Sublimation Markers!

Create a DIY weekly planner on a Decorative Metal Panel using Iron-on-Ink

Get on track with weekly planner and Artesprix Sublimation Markers!

Need a Decorative Metal Planner Panel to make dinner prep easy? This meal planning chart will make life easier by helping you to prepare and have dinner planned out ahead of time. Stick it to your refrigerator so that you always know right where it is because it is magnetic!

How to make a magnetic meal planning chart

The best part is that you can use this same process to create a chore chart or a weekly schedule for sports or after school activities. 

Decorative Metal Panel and Markers

Artesprix Decorative Metal Planner Panel is perfect for making fun signs. They even come with and the extra piece that can be added to make the panel stand upright.

This Polyester blank makes it the perfect size for a meal planning chart. Even better, attach adhesive magnets to the back and keep it right on the refrigerator. This way you’ll always know just where to find it!

Let’s get started! Just grab your Artesprix Sublimation Markers to make your design.

Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers

What Are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers create custom projects that will last a lifetime! Take any Iron-on-Ink design from plain copy paper and transfer to polyester coated blanks such as bookmarks, coasters, mugs, and more.  

You can even use these markers to transfer designs to fabrics. Take your Artesprix Ion-on-Ink design from regular copy paper and transfer directly to polyester fabrics using a heat source. These markers can also be used with heat transfer vinyl that allows you to work on cotton and other fabrics that may not be polyester coated.


  • Artesprix Sublimation Markers
  • Decorative Metal Panel
  • Magnetic Dots With Adhesive Backing
  • Plain Copy Paper
  • Artesprix Heat Tape
  • Artesprix Protective Paper
  • Meal Planning free printable (optional)


  • Artesprix Heat Press, Dry Iron or Home Iron
  • Lightbox (optional)

Step-by-Step Meal Planning Chart Tutorial:

Step 1.

The first thing you’ll need is a design. You can either create your own, our use our free printable.

Iron-on-Ink Design Inspiration

If you’re drawing your own design, you’ll want to trace the panel onto a separate sheet of paper first. This way you’ll know how big an area you are working in. Anything that goes outside the lines won’t make it onto the panel. Make sure that your design is mirrored if using any text in your Iron-on-Ink design.

When tracing Artesprix always recommends starting with a clean sheet of paper, that way we know that the only ink on that sheet to be transferred is Arteprix Sublimation Ink. When laying out your design using a pencil know it doesn’t transfer through to your blank! This is such a nice feature and allows you to take your time prepping for Iron-on-Ink coloring!

Step 2.

Color your design on your new sheet of copy paper with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Markers.

Step 3.

After your design is complete, lay it on a firm surface, with the Artesprix ink side facing up. Place the decorative panel, white side down, over your new design, and add your heat tape where needed.

Tape decorative metal panel to design

Step 4.

Set your heat press to 400° Fahrenheit (if you’re using an iron, set it to the hottest setting). Now take your Artesprix Protective Paper and make a sublimation sandwich.

use protective paper to make a sublimation sandwich

Step 5.

Place the decorative between two sheets of protective paper, with the gray metallic side facing down. Your protective paper acts as the “bread”, the Decorative Metal Planner Panel is the “meat” and the copy paper is the “cheese” in the sublimation sandwich. Heat at 400° Fahrenheit for 90 seconds. 

use an Artesprix heat press for iron-on-ink project

Step 6.

Now remove the panel from the heat press and place it on your project mat or other heat resistant surface. Most metal blanks get very hot after the heating processes take place. Be sure to give it a few minutes to cool, remove the tape, and reveal your design.

Let Metal Panel cool on artesprix protective mat

Step 7.

The sublimation colors really pop against the white background of the Decorative Metal Planner Panel after your image is transferred to the blank!

Now take four button magnets and attach them to the back.

Place magnets on back of decorative metal panel

That’s all there is to it…you’re ready to start meal planning! Just use a dry erase marker to fill in the menu each week. Artesprix sublimation makers are permanent and the dry erase marker will be the only thing to come off. Your pretty Decorative Metal Planner Panel will stay behind!

Sublimated Decorative Metal Panel

The best part is that you can use this same process to create a chore chart or a weekly schedule for sports or after school activities. 

Sublimated Decorative Metal Panel

The best thing about this project is that you don’t need much to have Artesprix Sublimation fun! All you’ll need is a Decorative Metal Planner Panel, a few other supplies, and Artesprix Sublimation Markers!

Sublimated Decorative Metal Panel

What would you make with some Artesprix markers and a decorative panel?

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Thank you and Happy Crafting!

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