Floral Textured Coasters With Artesprix Sublimation Markers

Hello friends! My name is Sara, and I’m crafty! I am very excited to be asked back as a Guest Designer this Term. I’m a mom of two beautiful girls, crafting has been always my therapy and creative outlet. Sharing my projects and ideas is what keeps me going, and I hope it inspires you to create along! We’ll be making floral coasters using Artesprix new sublimation markers. I’m in love with the bold sublimation markers! We’ll be using a ziploc bag to get a watercolor effect then we’ll stamp a floral design on top! This is a beginner friendly project, and hopefully it’ll encourage you to get started with your sublimation markers.
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sublimation stamped floral textured coasters

What are Artesprix Sublimation Arts & Craft Supplies?
Artesprix sublimation markers and craft supplies are formulated with Iron-on-Ink. Iron-on-Ink is a special ink that gets printed onto poly-coated substrates once it is subjected to heat. The inks are always muted on paper, and they become vibrant after they’re heat pressed onto the sublimation blank. Once it is heat pressed, the ink turns to a gas leaving you with a permanent design, The design will be infused into the blank permanently and the sublimated design will not need to be sealed and it will not peel or fade. 

floral stamp textured coasters bold sublimation markers

Sublimation Markers – Bold Chisel
Sublimation Stamp Pads
Textured Coaster Blanks
Heat Resistant Tape
Protective Paper Roll
Mixed Media Paper
Floral Stamp
Heat Press
Isopropyl Alcohol
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Place your coaster on a mixed media paper and trace it with a pencil. They come in a set of four, so I traced it four times. This gives you the template for your sublimation design. Using a pencil is key since it will not transfer when the design is heat pressed. 

textured coaster template on plain paper

Pro Tip: After tracing your coasters, feel free to cut your paper into 4 pieces. This way, they are easer to handle later!
Step 2: Lay your ziploc bag on your work area and use the markers to scribble on it.

sublimation marker ink on ziploc bag

Pro Tip #2: When coloring your ziploc bag, it is also good to have a color wheel on hand. I always like to think of colors that could be generated from what I am putting down. For instance, I wouldn’t scribble purple next to yellow because it’ll yield a brown color. With that, let’s continue scribbling using our markers. 

sublimation marker ink with isopropyl alcohol

Step 3: Once you feel that you have put enough color on that ziploc bag, spray it with isopropyl alcohol. I used about 3 sprays.
Step 4: Then, apply your mixed media paper face down onto the ink on the ziploc bag. Once I got good coverage of my template, I started peeling it away from the ziploc bag. It takes less than a minute to dry. 

sublimation marker ink background design

Step 5: Repeat this process 3 more times to have a colored background for each coaster.

sublimation marker ink design with floral stamp

Step 6: Once dry, stamp the floral design on top using our black sublimation stamp pad. Apply the pad to the face of the rubber stamp to ink it. Then, stamp the floral design over the 4 background designs that we created.

secured coasters before transfer

Step 7: Place each coaster face down on your colored design. Once you place it down, you’ll need to secure it to the paper with heat resistant tape. I secured it from each side. This will prevent ghosting and ensure you get a crisp design!

coasters with protective paper before transfer

Step 8: Make a “sublimation sandwich” using our protective paper! If your heat source is big enough like mine, you can press all four coasters at once, and use two large pieces of protective paper. If you're using a smaller handheld press you should cut four sets of 2 pieces of protective paper for each transfer.
Step 9: It is time to press your design! Your heat press should be set to 400°F and you’ll need to press it for 90 seconds. 
Pro Tip #3: If you are using a handheld craft press apply heavy pressure as the coasters are textured.

artesprix sublimation design after transfer

Step 10: It is time for the “peek test”! A peek test guarantees a vibrant transfer without wasting materials. Do not remove the tape and slightly peel one corner of your design to get a peek of how good the design transferred. If you find that you got a vibrant transfer, then remove the tape and reveal your amazing design! In the slightest chance you didn’t get a good transfer, you could go ahead and re-press your design! 

sublimation design and finished coasters

Step 11: Let’s reveal our design! I love how these coasters turned out! Using these new bold markers made a difference, I love how the background colors turned out and you can never tell this is done using markers.

sublimation textured coasters with sublimation markers and stamp pad

I’m in love with the new sublimation markers and I can’t wait to try the pastel set! I love how our project turned out! Make sure you grab a sublimation starter kit, and get creative with your sublimation markers! When you use Artesprix sublimation stamp pads in your next sublimation project, please don’t forget to share your creations with us on instagram or Facebook!
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed our project today! You can see more of my work on my instagram, let’s keep in touch!
Keep on crafting!
Sara Ali
**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, but I may get compensated.** 


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