Hero Arts Un-BEE-lievable Iron-on-Ink Blank of the Month Sequin Zip Case

Hello again! It’s Design Team Member Mandie back again with another great Iron-on-Ink project. I was so excited to see this month’s Blank of the Month, a Sequin Zip Case! This will be perfect to hold all my charging cables, outlet bricks and other items I want to keep organized while I travel. This Blank is only available for the month of February 2023, so if you think you want to try your hand at flippable sequin projects, don't wait to grab one of these from the Artesprix Shop! 

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sublimation sequin zip case with artesprix stamp pads

What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?

Iron-on-Ink is an innovative craft sublimation medium to create unique designs that you can transfer to a endless selection of blanks. You can create some amazing one-of-a-kind gifts that will last a lifetime. When the finished sublimation design is combined with heat and pressure, the ink turns into a gas and binds to the polyester fabric or poly-coated blank leaving you with a permanent transfer. Between Artesprix's plethora of Iron-on-Ink products and the endless amount of compatible sublimation blanks, the possibilities are endless! Iron-on-Inks is fabulous because you don’t have to invest in an expensive sublimation printer to create some high quality projects right in your home! Plus, if you’re more “hands on” or “hands inky” like me, I feel you can get so much more creative with the Sublimation Inks, Paints and Markers that Artesprix offers!

hero arts stamps and stencils artesprix stamp pads


Sequin Zip Case

Sublimation Stamp Pads

Stamp Block

Protective Paper Roll

Heat Tape

Ink Daubers

Teflon Sheet 

Hero Arts Color Layering Peonies Bunch Stencil

Hero Arts Color Layering Bee Florals Stencils

Hero Arts Beelieve Clear Stamps

Heat Source: Heat Press or Craft Press 

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Start by tracing your Sequin Zip Case onto a sheet of plain copy paper. Use a pencil because the pencil won’t transfer during the sublimation process.

stencil with artesprix stamp ink on plain paper

Step 2: Layer the Stencils to make sure they are all facing the right way. Then you will lay them on the traced bag to decide how you want them to lay. Mark the corners, Hero Arts provided holes in the stencil to make this easy. The stencils come with awesome instructions to make it simple. I followed the same steps below for both designs.  

finished artesprix design before transfer

Step 3: Start with your first layer of stencil, the base of the flowers, on your paper, lined up with the dots you just made. Then lightly ink them with Sublimation Stamp Pad Ink using a foam dauber to transfer ink from the stamp pad to the paper. 

hero arts stencil with artesprix stamp ink

Pro Tip: You can tack these stencils down with washi tape to help keep them in place while you color. 

Step 4: Move to the next stencil, the details of the flowers, again lining up the dots in the corners. Use the same ink, you just add another layer or two so it is a little darker than the first layer. 

Step 5: Now you will use the third stencil layer, the base of the leaves. I did a very light layer of yellow ink and then a very light layer of the green to get a lighter green color for the base. 


finished stamp ink artesprix design before transfer

Step 6: Use the last stencil, the leaf details, and ink another layer or two in the green. I love how quick this process is! 

Step 7: We are ready to transfer! You’re going to want to adjust your heat source to the recommended settings. For this blank it’s recommended 400 for 45 seconds. 

secured design to the sublimation blank

Step 8: Because my designs are larger I wanted a very secure bond, so I used a light layer of Basting Spray and Heat Tape to secure the design to the blank, image facing the blank. 


Step 9: Create your "sublimation sandwich" cutting 2 pieces of siliconized Protective Paper bigger than your design and layering your secured blank in between. Be sure the blank is positioned with the paper side on top so the heat only has to go through the paper.  

project with protective paper before transfer

Step 10: Move your "sandwich" to the pressing surface and transfer for 45 seconds. For this blank, I put the zipper just off the edge of my press to ensure a good bond for my design to the bag. 

Step 11: Once you’ve pressed your blank you can now do a "peek test". Simply lift up the corner and see if your design has transferred. You’ll want to keep the tape in place in case you need to re-press. 

reveal sublimation stamp design after transfer

Step 12: My "peek test" was successful, the colors looked great, so I revealed my finished project and WOW! Look at the difference between the before and after it has been pressed. Everything is now much more vibrant, that is a part of the sublimation magic! 

finished artesprix Stamp design on sequin zip case

Step 13: Now just repeat for the design on the other side.  

The sequins are so fun to flip, it’s like magic going from the silver side to the beautiful decorated side! I love that I can personalize things so easily with Artesprix Iron On Inks. You can grab this Sequin Zip Case in the Artesprix Shop for the month of February only. There are endless possibilities for this beautiful blank, the only limit is your imagination! Don’t forget to join the Artesprix Iron-On Inspirational Group on Facebook and share your ideas too! 

Looking forward to sharing my next project with you!

Mandie Wade 

**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, but I may get compensated.**


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