Holiday Wine Tumbler with Iron-on-Ink

Hey everyone, Sarah here! I love wine tumblers almost as much as I love wine. My family is always annoyed when I create or buy a new wine tumbler. They keep telling me I’m running out of room in the cupboard. I respond with, I will never run out of room for another wine tumbler. They just roll their eyes at me, who doesn't want to make a Holiday Wine Tumbler with Iron-on-Ink?!
sublimation holiday wine tumbler with artesprix craft iron-on-ink
What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?
Artesprix Markers are a whole new world and the possibilities are ENDLESS. They are so easy to use, and the ideas just keep coming.  The bonus is just being able to use plain copy paper and a heat source. I mean you can even use an iron. There is no special paper, no heat press, and no expensive printers with special ink. It can’t get any better!
Wine Tumbler
Sublimation Markers
Tumbler Wrap 5ct
Project Mat
Copy Paper
Heat Tape
Convection oven (to be used for crafts only) or Cup press with correct attachment.
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: For this project, I did not trace my blank. I designed my project in Silhouette Studio. There are so many cheeky designs to choose from for your Holiday Wine Tumbler with Iron-on-Ink.
I cheated a little bit and printed it out on regular copy paper with my sublimation printer. But if you do not have a Sublimation Printer, you could print this out on regular paper and trace with your black sublimation marker or have your Cameo draw it for you with the sketch feature.
Here is a project by me that dives into how to sketch with Artesprix Markers with your Silhouette Cameo. 
sublimation holiday wine tumbler with artesprix craft iron-on-ink
Step 2: Once the design is completed (or in my case printed), start coloring. This is always my favorite part.
Step 3: After coloring, I cut off the excess copy paper. Since I am putting this on a tumbler, the excess paper would just be in the way. Then tape your design in place on the tumbler. Make sure it is as flat as possible, and tape around your designs, not over them.
sublimation holiday wine tumbler with artesprix craft iron-on-ink
Step 4: Preheat your convection oven to 350 ℉.
Step 5: While the oven is preheating, place the tumbler wrap around your tumbler. Make sure you remove the lid and any labels.
sublimation holiday wine tumbler with artesprix craft iron-on-ink
Step 6: Use a heat gun to apply heat to the tumbler wrap so it “tightens” around the tumbler. This step happens fast, make sure to work quickly and do not leave the heat in one spot so the wrap doesn’t overheat and melt. The wrap is what is going to apply the needed pressure for the sublimation. You want to make sure it is as smooth as possible.
sublimation holiday wine tumbler with artesprix craft iron-on-ink
Step 7: When the oven is at temperature, place your tumbler inside and heat for 5 minutes. While the tumbler is in the oven, do not leave the area. It is not recommended to leave the Heat Source unattended.
sublimation holiday wine tumbler with artesprix craft iron-on-ink
Step 8: When the 5 minutes is over, turn off the craft oven, remove the tumbler, and place it on the project mat or a heat resistant surface. Make sure you use heat resistant gloves or other tools to protect yourself as the tumbler will be extremely hot.
sublimation holiday wine tumbler with artesprix craft iron-on-ink
Step 9: After the tumbler cools enough to touch, remove the tumbler wrap, you should be able to see your design on the inside of your wrap. If you don't rewrap and cook again. 
If you can see the design on the inside of your wrap, remove the heat tape, and copy paper from the tumbler.
Now you have a fantastic tumbler that you can use over and over.  You want to remember to remove the wrap as soon as you can. If it cools too much, there is a chance the wrap could stick to the tumbler and it becomes difficult to remove. The wrap is easier to remove the warmer it is.
sublimation holiday wine tumbler with artesprix craft iron-on-ink
I am so excited to see what you come up with for your tumbler! I had so much fun creating it and I know I will use it often….I mean, who wouldn’t need a glass of wine after a long day! And what better tumbler than a Holiday Wine Tumbler with Iron-on-Ink that you designed and created yourself?! 
Be sure to join the Iron-on-ink Inspirational Group on Facebook. You can see what others are creating and share your projects.
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Until next time,
Sarah Clark
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