Hot Dog Summer Artesprix Apron

Hi Y'all, this is Tanya again. My home used to be filled with Cairn Terriers, you know, Totos! Now we have only one left, but we will still consider our home Casa Cairn. When I saw this Polyester Apron was the blank of the month, I instantly thought of something for the Casa Cairn Grill. I decided to keep it easy with a simple design. But if you're curious on how to create mirrored text check out my last blog where I used Tracing Paper to help. 

Hot Dog Summer Apron

What are Sublimation Markers?

Any art tool that allows people be more creative at expressing themselves is something I gravitate to.  The sublimation markers allow anyone to create their own original artwork and transfer to any dye sub substrate!!! This really changes the “homemade” gift game. As an art educator, Artesprix will definitely be added to some of my classes.  

 Sublimation Craft Supplies

Materials Needed:

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: To start your project, you will need the markers to create your artwork on plain paper. The final product is a mirror image so any text must be reversed.

Watch out for smears from the marker ink because you can’t easily clean it up (but you can always cover it with heat tape!). I used a saucer to draw my circle, in pencil and then in ink. It really helped the design stay neat.

Sublimation Design

Pro Tip: Set your heat press to 400 F for 60 seconds so it can heat up while you create. Pressing times are dependent on the blank of choice. You can find specification for each blank under Support on the Artesprix website. 

Sublimation Iron-on-Ink Design Artesprix

Step 2. Create your design. Be sure to place markers tip down up to 30 minutes before and keep them tip down during use. This allows the color to lay more evenly on the plain copy paper. 

SUblimation Apron Project

Step 3. Before creating your "Sublimation Sandwich" we need to prep our blank. This Blank of the Month is a fabric and therefore we need to lint roll, then pre-press. I only need to pre-press the area where I am transferring my design for ~5 seconds (be sure to still use protective siliconized paper to protect your blank during the pre-press step, you never know what ink could be hiding!).

DIY Sublimation Apron

Step 4: Now we are ready to create our "Sublimation Sandwich". Using special Heat Tape, secure your design as desired neat the edges of the paper.

Pro Tip: Be careful when placing heat tape over your design, if you tape over any of the Artesprix Iron-on-Ink drawing, the heat resistant characteristic of the tape will not allow for the transfer to be successful. 

Sublimation Polyester Apron Instructions

Step 5: Complete your "Sublimation Sandwich" by putting a sheet of the protective paper on the bottom of the design and one on the top of the apron….sandwiching the design.

Step 6: Using a heat press, press your design for 400 F for 60 seconds, light pressure. I use a handheld thermometer to read the real temperature of mine. 

Pro Tip: Tear the edge by hand of your paper to avoid press lines.

Sublimation Apron Dog

Step 7: "Peek Test" time! When the timer on the heat press buzzes peek under the top sheet to see if your design transferred. If it did, you can take the cover off. If your transfer is not bright and vivid, check your time, temperature, pressure, and sublimation sandwich order and re-press. 

Sublimation Dog Apron

The apron turned out great! If there are any other designs you want to add, now is the time.

Tada, you are done!

SUblimation Apron

I hope you enjoy making fun gifts with this apron as much as I did! If you liked this blog, be sure to read Rita's Apron blog too!

Keep Creating, 


DIY Sublimation Craft Apron





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