Iron-on-Ink Gnome Wine Tumblers

Hi, my name is Mandie Wade and I am excited to be an Artesprix Guest Design Team Member for this Term. I’ve been married to by high school sweetheart for 20 years, we have 2 beautiful daughters and I’ve had a passion for crafting my whole life. I love exploring different mediums and have recently discovered sublimation. My first love is paper crafting so I’ve been trying to figure out how I could incorporate my love of paper with sublimation when I discovered the amazing Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Markers and Stamp Pad. 

Sublimation Wine Tumblers with Iron-on-Ink Markers

I knew it would be a natural fit with my love of stamping and doodling to create something fun. Lately, like much of the world, I’ve been obsessed with gnomes, so I decided that I absolutely needed to create a Gnome Wine Tumbler for myself! And of course, I could have just made one, but wine is better with friends so I decided to try a couple of techniques so I would have tumblers to share.

What are Sublimation Craft Markers?

Sublimation Markers are an amazing tool to be able to create original artwork and transfer it on to so many different surfaces! I can think of so many different ways to create keepsakes for the future with them!


Artesprix Blank Tumblers

Artesprix Stamp Ink Pad

Black Sublimation Markers

Pastel Sublimation Markers

Gnomie Botanical Sublimation Markers

Original Sublimation Markers 

Artesprix Heat Tape

Artesprix Tumbler Wrap

Heat Gun

Craft Convection/Toaster Oven

Stamps (any rubber or cling stamps will work)

Copy Paper

Sublimation DIY Wine Tumbler Supplies

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Measure the flat surface of your Artesprix Blank Tumbler (above where it curves) to determine about how tall your design can be. Then use a piece of copy and draw your image with the Artesprix Iron-on Ink Markers. You can also use the Artesprix Stamp Ink Pad and any stamps you own to create your design. I happened to have a set of fun gnome stamps, so I used a couple of those images for one of my tumblers. For the other I used some inspiration from the internet to draw my own gnome, holding a glass of wine.

Pro Tip: Set your Craft Convection Oven to 350 ℉ to preheat while you create.

Sublimation Ink Pad and Markers Gnome Wine Tumbler

Step 2: Remove the lid, adhesive labels and loose parts from the Artesprix Blank Tumbler.

Step 3: Trim down the design leaving a border that you can use to apply the Artesprix Heat Tape to your tumbler. If you have multiple designs, cut them out individually and tape as needed. 

Pro Tip: Only use Heat Tape on the outer edge of your design, not over it, as the heat resistant characteristic of the tape will affect the consistency of the transfer. 

Gnome Sublimation DIY Wine Tumbler with Iron-on-Ink Markers

Step 4: Place your tumbler into the Artesprix Tumbler Wrap and use the Heat Gun to shrink the wrap to fit the tumbler. Work quickly and move from area to area so the wrap doesn’t overheat, we just need the heat to shrink the wrap so it acts as our pressure during the transfer process. 

Sublimation Wine Tumbler shrink wrap

Step 5: Place the Tumbler into the designated Craft Toaster/Convection Over. Place vertically and bake for 5 minutes. Safety first, do not leave your craft oven unattended. 

Sublimation Gnome wine tumbler DIY iron-on-ink stamp pad and markers

Step 6: I could clearly see the design through the Tumbler Wrap when the image had fully transferred so I am confident I got a great transfer. Then I carefully removed my Tumbler from the oven. 

Pro Tip: If you have Heat resistant gloves, it is easier to remove the Tumbler wrap warm than cool. 

Sublimation Gnome DIY wine tumbler with Sublimation markers

Step 7: Peek Test. Remove part of the Tumbler Wrap and see if you can see your design on the inside of your wrap. If you didn't get a good transfer, check your temperature time, remove the wrap, leave your design taped, use another Tumbler Wrap and bake again. 

If you can see your design on the inside of the wrap, reveal your finished design! This is really fun to do with a friend in the room, to ooh and aaah with you! If you’re done crafting, make sure you’ve turned your oven off.

Sublimation Gnome DIY Wine tumbler with Sublimation Craft supplies

Make sure you take a look at some of the other amazing projects that other designers have created with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink! I’m looking forward to personalizing more projects for myself, and my friends and family soon with the awesome blanks the Artesprix has to offer!

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