Iron-on-Ink Watercolor Beverage Caddy

Hi and happy almost-spring! I’m Artesprix Designer Naomi and I’m back with a fun project. This time I’ll show you how I used Artesprix ink refills and the Beverage Caddy blank to create a unique gift. This blank is one of the most unique sublimation blanks that Artesprix carries. As the weather gets nicer, this is a great blank to personalize and use on your next sunset happy hour! 

beverage caddy with artesprix iron-on-ink

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What is Artesprix Iron-on-Ink?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers, Ink, and Paint are specially formulated to allow you to use basic copy paper (something we all have) to: color, stamp, stencil, and monoprint anything you wish and turn it into a heat-transferable design. Anyone can make amazing designs, regardless of your artistic skill level. You can then use heat (either  a heat press or a home iron) and pressure to apply these designs to a polyester or polyester coated substrate.  Your designs will then be permanently printed onto your substrate.

sublimation paint beverage caddy blank heat tape

Sublimation Beverage Caddy

Artesprix Sublimation Paint (Red, Blue, and White)

White school glue

Heat Press

Protective Paper

Heat Tape

Copy Paper and/or watercolor paper

Dish pan


Lint Roller

Mixing cups

Craft sticks

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Fill the dish pan about ½ full with room-temperature water.

dish soap in water in a bin

Step 2: Use 3 mixing cups and add a little bit of just one paint color to each cup (red, blue, white).

mixd sublimation paint and popsicle sticks

Step 3: Add a little bit of white glue to each cup and mix well.

Pro Tip: Use separate craft sticks for mixing each color.

sublimation paint in dish soap water in a bin

Step 4: Use your craft sticks to drizzle some sublimation paint from each color cup onto the surface of the water.

Pro Tip #2: Watch how the colors spread and mix as you add them to the water.  Add more of whatever color you want to dominate your design.

plain copy dipped into sublimation paint water

Step 5: Place a sheet of copy paper or water color paper on the surface of the water and pull up gently.

Pro Tip #3: Watercolor paper works great for this, but copy paper will work too.  Be careful not to push the paper down into the water.

sublimation transfers with watercolor paint

Step 6: Repeat the process, adding more paint to the water and dipping your paper.

Step 7: When the papers are dry, tear them and arrange to fit on the beverage caddy as desired. 

Pro Tip #4: Tearing instead of cutting will help prevent harsh lines when you transfer the design.

Step 8: Use a lint roller to clean the beverage caddy before adhering your design. 


secured sublimation project heat tape

Step 9: Secure the dipped paper to the white side of the beverage caddy using heat tape.

Step 10: Make a "sublimation sandwich" to protect your heat press.  Lay down a sheet of protective paper on the bottom platen of your heat press.  Next, add the beverage caddy (facing up) with the painted design on top.  Finally, add another sheet of protective paper.

secured sublimation project with protective paper

Step 11: Press your design at 400℉ for 75 seconds.

Step 12: Do a "peek test" by lifting a small corner to see if the design transferred well. If the design is transferred well, you are done and you can remove the tape and paper. If it is not, replace the covering and press again. 

sublimation beverage caddy after transfer

Step 13: If Step 12 if successful, remove your design/paper to reveal your transfer.

before and after sublimation beverage caddy with artesprix

I love the look of this beverage caddy! It was so easy. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: I actually used left-over dipped paper from a previous project for this one!

For more creative ideas for your next Iron-on-Ink project, check out the Artesprix Blog. Let us know if you try out this project by using the #Artesprix & #IrononInk or post your project to the Artesprix Facebook Group.  

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Now, go make something colorful!

Naomi Garcia

**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher, but I may get compensated.**


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