Make and Artsy Tote with Artesprix!

Hello creative!  Rita Barakat here! As a mixed media artist,  I love drawing, painting, color and anything creative! Today we are using one of my favorite things to have art on, let's make an artsy tote! I use different bags for different things, and having a big family makes for a lot of things to carry! So let’s make an artsy tote! I used three different sets of Artesprix Sublimation Markers, the pastel, primary and the black set ( for the black fine tip marker).

DIY polyester tote bag with Artesprix sublimation markers

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?
Artesprix markers enable you to draw on regular printer paper and transfer it onto sublimation blank materials such as aprons, t-shirts, tumblers and more! This is so easy to do!

Sublimation Markers
Tote bag
Heat press or Household Iron
Heat Tape
Protective Paper Roll
Copy Paper

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Since the tote bag measures 16.5" by 14" I can use two pieces of copy paper to create a bigger design. If you're using a home iron, you need to keep you design small. I used two sheets of paper (side by side) to get the wreath size big enough for the tote and taped them together with Artesprix Heat Tape.

sublimation markers with polyester tote bag

Step 2: Now we are ready to design. I used the black fine tip and round tip Artesprix marker that only comes in the Black Sublimation Marker kit. This project needed that small tip marker for those tiny letters and details! When I am creating things with lettering I use graph paper or lined paper. Then you can make sure the letters are balanced. To create mirrored text, I flip over that paper on my light-box so the letters are mirrored and I trace it onto copy paper. 

sublimation tote bag with sublimation markers

Step 3: My design is bigger than my 9" by 12" Artesprix Heat Press, so I will be doing multiple transfers. I set my Heat Press to 400℉.

Step 4: With smaller blanks, I usually secure the blank to the design. With a bigger blank like this, we are securing the design to the blank with Heat Resistant Tape. Do not cover your design with tape, as the heat resistant characteristic of the tape with alter any designs touching it. 

 sublimation tote design with Artesprix sublimation markers

Step 5: Make a sublimation sandwich. The Iron-on-Ink design should be secured face down on the top side of the sublimation sandwich. Note that your protective paper should be larger than your copy paper/design. With a blank this big, I covered the entire bottom & top! I simply cut two pieces of protective paper the size of my heat press. 

protective siliconized paper

Step 6: Double check Time, Temperature, and Pressure before doing your transfer. The design is secured face down on the top side of your sandwich, with 2 pieces of protective paper on the outside of your secured design. I used the heat press at 400℉ for 45 seconds. 

Artesprix craft heat press sublimation tote bag DIY
Step 7
Peek test! Before removing your design entirely, take a peek to see if you got a good transfer. If you did not, recheck your time, temperature, pressure, and sublimation sandwich. But WOW! I am loving this bag! 

sublimation tote bag with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink

Step 8: Now to add the center design. I put the writing on a different piece of paper and added it after the wreath part was finished. You can reuse the Artesprix Protective Paper if it has no ink residue on it, but if there is ink on it, use a fresh sheet to ensure your tote stays white where you intended. 

Step 9: Peek Test again! 

sublimation design with Artesprix iron-on-Ink markers

Step 10: Big reveal! I love the way this all came out, don’t you? I will use this bag for my church stuff! Of course you can make any saying or quote when you make an artsy tote!

Sublimation tote bag with Artesprix sublimation markers

Step 11: (Optional) Add some mixed media! If you look closely I did add some glitter (if you add glitter make sure what you use is washable!). Glitter makes everything even better!

sublimation tote bag mixed media with sublimation heat transfer markers

I hope this inspires you to make an artsy tote! If this post inspired you to make something, share about it in the comments below! If you decide to make a tote please leave us a link below, we would LOVE to see it! And don’t forget to visit the Artesprix Facebook Group where Makers are always sharing inspirational projects.

See you next time!
Rita Barakat

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  • Beautiful!

    Posted by NICOLE M MARTEL on September 24, 2021
  • This is beautiful!

    Posted by NICOLE M MARTEL on September 24, 2021

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