Making Anime Bag Tags with Artesprix Markers

Hi, I am Janet from Try it - Like it - Create it and I am a guest designer this month with Artesprix. Since it is summer and my daughters are not in school, I decided to include them in my post, using their anime styles on Artesprix tags.

Anime Sublimation Bag Tags

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation uses a special ink that when heated it creates a gas that chemically bonds to specially treated surfaces. These items are called blanks. The inks appear bright and colorful once transferred is permanent.


Sublimation Bag Tags

Sublimation Markers 

Protective Paper

Copy Paper

Pencil (for tracing)

Heat Tape

Heat Source (either a Heat Press or Iron)


Sublimation Bag Tag Craft

Step 1: Using a pencil, trace around your tag onto standard copy paper.

Coloring Artists Sublimation

Step 2: My daughters then drew their ideas on the paper with pencil. They traced a page full of tags so they could choose which drawing they wanted to use.

Sublimation Drawing

Step 3: After deciding on which sketch to use, they outlined their Anime Tag drawing with a black Artesprix marker. They used the thin marker from the Black Sublimation Markers set. 

Sublimation Markers

Step 4: Their drawings were then filled in with a variety of different colors.

Heat Tape Sublimation Craft Project

Step 5: Once the Anime Tag drawings were colored, we taped them to the tag blank with the heat resistant tape as desired. We decided to actually tape it at an angle, since the pencil does not transfer it does not need to line up exactly as your pencil template.

Pro Tip: You’ll want to leave excess paper around the drawing so you can adhere the tape to the paper.

Step 6: Now it is time to create a "Sublimation Sandwich". Cut 2 pieces of Protective Paper to protect the bottom work surface and your heat platen from "escaping ink". Place one piece of paper on top of your secured blank and one piece on the bottom.

Sublimation Bag Tag Project

Step 8: With your design face-down secured to your bag tag, and one piece of protective paper on top and bottom, we are ready to transfer. We used the Artesprix Project Mat since our Heat Source is an iron. If your heat source is a Heat Press you have a mat built in. Your transfer time is dependent on your heat temperature and blank. For an iron, we kept it stationary for 3 minutes while applying pressure. For more detailed pressing directions, visit the Directions Page under Support. 

Step 9: Peek Test! Once 3 minutes has passed, carefully see if you got a successful transfer without removing any tape. If your colors are not bright and vivid, check to ensure your "Sublimation Sandwich" wasn't upside down. Be careful not to burn yourself. The tags are hot.

Sublimation Bag Tag Project

Sublimation Bag Tag Craft

Sublimation Craft Project

Step 10: The Big Reveal! Now that you have ensured you got a successful transfer, peel the paper back from the tags.

Bag Tags Sublimation Craft Project

Step 11: Add your bag tag loop that comes with your Artesprix Bag Tag and the Anime Tags are finished! 

Thank you for stopping by and reading about all the fun we had with Iron-on-Ink. If you’d like to see more tags, check out Gina’s Artesprix Mixed Media Bag Tags Using Iron-on-Ink!

Happy Creating!


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