Carosuel Artesprix Bag Tag by Scrapbook with Lynda

Hi there! I’m Lynda from @ScrapbookWithLynda and I’m thrilled to be a returning Guest Designer for Artesprix. This time I’m going to explore watercoloring with Artesprix Stamp Pads and how various papers will change your results. I'm mostly paper crafting focused but I love that Artesprix gives an entire new lift to my paper crafting supplies. In this project we will be using polymer stamps, Bristol vellum paper, and other supplies you might already have on hand! 

artesprix metal bag tag with watercolor sublimation stamp pad design

What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?

Artesprix Sublimation Ink contains specially formulated ink that you can use with your crafting supplies. Create on plain copy paper, then heat transfer your creation onto a variety of polyester items. Your finished designs will last a lifetime as long as you are using sublimation ink and a compatible blank. There are so many projects that can be created with these inks, the possibilities are endless! 

sublimation stamp pad polymer stamps protective paper unisub bag tags


Plain Copy Paper

Bristol Vellum 


Sublimation Stamp Pads in black, yellow, pink, purple and brown 

Heat Tape 

Protective Paper Roll

Project Mat

Tag Blanks

Acrylic Stamp Block

Clear or Rubber Stamps

Fine watercolor brush

Watercolor brush with water chamber 

Heat source: Home Iron, Craft Press, or Heat Press

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Draw around the tag on plain copy paper using a pencil. Don’t worry the pencil marks won’t transfer to your project. 

sublimation bag tag template on copy paper

Step 2: Ink your stamp with black sublimation ink, then stamp on copy paper.

sublimation stamp design with artesprix iron-on-ink

Step 3: Select the water brush you plan to use as well as the sublimation ink color. I like to work from light to dark when coloring, but that’s not necessary. Pick up a small bit of color from the ink pad with the brush, then mix on a non-porous surface to get the shade you want and paint in your image.

sublimation stamp pad with water brush on copy paper

Pro Tip: If you do not have a mat like me you can use the Artesprix Protective Siliconized Paper to mix your ink on. 

sublimation stamp pad with brush on regular copy paper

Step 4: For the additional colors, I switched to a regular paint brush to color in the rest of this image, because I can control the water better. I continued selecting various ink colors and painting the image being careful not to add much water to the ink.

Pro Tip #2: I tried to add as much shading as possible, but copy paper absorbs the ink quickly meaning the ink application doesn’t have the level of detail I wanted. 

sublimation metal bag tag secured to design with heat tape

Step 5: Once you are finished designing and everything has had time to dry, it is time to transfer. With your design facing up, place the tag on your artwork, then tape it in place with Heat Tape. I’ll be using a home iron to transfer this image, so I used extra heat tape to be sure the paper doesn’t shift.

sublimation project with protective paper before transfer

Step 6: Next make a "sublimation sandwich" by placing Protective Paper under and over the tag.

I’ll be using a home iron to transfer the image, so the Project Mat is ideal to protect my work surface. Here’s the order from bottom to top:

  • Project Mat

  • Protective Paper

  • Tag

  • Artwork on copy paper

  • Protective paper

Step 7: While I was working on my design my home iron was set to the highest temperature and heating. When it was fully heated I placed the iron directly on the sandwich. Don’t move side to side, just press down and hold for 3 minutes. And remember not to use steam, just a dry iron.

This is a Metal Bag Tag, so if you are using a Heat Press or handheld Craft Press, you will want to transfer at 400℉ for 45 seconds. 

sublimation stamp pad design on metal bag tag after transfer

Step 8: It’s time for the "peek test" to see if 3 minutes was enough time to transfer my design. Without removing the design entirely, I peeled it back (be careful it is very hot) to ensure the full transfer took place.

sublimation metal bag tag with Artesprix sublimation stamp pad ink

Step 9: 3 minutes was enough time, so just remove the paper and tape. Here’s the final result. Copy paper is great for just stamping, but with this wet technique it limits what I can do.

For the other tag, all Artesprix Bag Tags come in a set of 2, I wanted to try the same techniques using Bristol Vellum paper. Following the steps above, and only changing the paper, here is the final result of the other tag. 

sublimation stamp pad ink on artesprix metal bag tag

Here are my results. I’m so much happier with this tag, because the shading brings life to the horse. Both of these tags were made using the same products and technique, the only difference is the paper I created my artwork on. The Bristol Vellum, on the right, allows me so much more flexibility when coloring my design and I love the shading I was able to achieve using it. It’s amazing what a big difference the paper made, so experiment with papers to see which one works best for you.

sublimation metal bag tags with artesprix iron-on-ink stamp pads

It’s been so much fun working with the Artisprix sublimations inks and I'm so grateful to have been asked to be a guest designer again. I just love working with all the Artisprix products and I know you will too! If you would like to see more Artesprix project, visit the 

Artesprix Blog or join Artesprix Facebook GroupPlease stop by my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages to see more of my work.

Happy Crafting!

Lynda Keyes 


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