Metal Camping Sign with Iron-on-Ink

Hi again, Sarah here with a fun new post! I’m back at it with my camper décor. I think I’m wearing him down and we will have one sooner rather than later, lol. This project was so fun, even he had to admit it was perfect for a camper we don’t even own yet!!

Sublimation Camping sign with heat transfer markers

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?
Artesprix Sublimation Markers have opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities. They are simple to use and the ideas just keep coming! If you haven’t already, you really need to try these markers.
Sublimation Arts & Craft Supplies
Gel Press Reusable Printing plate
Copy Paper
Heat press or iron
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Using your Silhouette machine, pen holder with the large adapter, and your Artesprix Sublimation Markers sketch out your design on the copy paper you traced your blank on. To learn how to sketch with your Artesprix markers and your Silhouette, check out my blog post on Sketching with Your Silhouette.  I measured the blank and sized my design to fit within the measurements. When I sketched my design I made sure to center it to the page so I had plenty of room around all sides, so I could trace my blank after.
Sublimation Design with Silhouette Cameo
Step 2: Text needs to be mirrored (or flipped horizontally) so the text reads backwards. This is because when you press it, it will press the correct way. I did not trace my blank until after I sketched the wording with my Cameo.
Sublimation Design with heat transfer markers with silhouette cameo
Step 3: Unload the design from your machine, remove it from the mat, and trace the blank around the design.
Step 4: I knew I wanted to use a stencil, so I made one with my Silhouette. If you are interested in learning how you can check out my blog post on Reusable Stencils with your Silhouette.
Silhouette Cameo DIY Stencil Gel Press Plate
Step 5: I then used my Gel Press Printing Plate, I colored directly on the gel press with my markers, going from darker colors at the top to lighter colors at the bottom.
Sublimation markers with Gel press plate
Step 6: Then I went over it with a brayer to blend the colors a bit. Then placed my stencil on top. With the stencil in place, I put the sketched design face down on the gel press and rubbed the back of the paper with my hands to “transfer” the exposed ink onto the paper.
Step 7: I removed the paper and the design of the stencil was transferred to my page. I then finished coloring in the sketched design with black.
Pro Tip: Set your Heat Press to 400℉ while you put the final touches on your design.
Sublimation design with heat transfer markers and gel press plate
Step 8: When my design is ready I lined up my blank and taped it in place.
metal panel Artesprix heat tape silhouette cameo DIY blog
Step 9: Create your sublimation sandwich. A sublimation sandwich is made up of a layer of protective paper, your blank with the design secured to it, and another piece of protective paper. 

 Sublimation camping sign DIY tutorial with silhouette cameo

Step 10: Place the sublimation sandwich on your press. Once your heat source reaches temperature, press your metal panel for 90 seconds. When the time is up, do a peek test to make sure you got a good transfer.

sublimation transfer with silhouette cameo heat transfer markers

Step 11: If you got a good transfer, use heat gloves to move the case to a heat resistant surface. I just my Artesprix Protective Project mat. Once cooled enough to touch, remove the copy paper and heat tape. 

metal panel with silhouette cameo campfire sign

Step 12: Now attach the included “stand” simply peel off the adhesive and stick it to the back of your panel. Make sure you line up the bottom of the panel with the bottom of the stand or it will not stand up right!

Sublimation camping sign DIY with silhouette cameo gel press plate

I love the Decorative Metal Panel. I have a ton more ideas for them. I can hardly wait to get started making more. I love this one Rita did. And be sure to check out the other fantastic blogs on the Artesprix blog. Oh! and join the Iron-on-ink Inspirational Group on Facebook. You can see what others are creating and share your projects.

Until next time,

Sarah Clark

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