Patriotic & Pride Summer Iron-on-Ink Bookmarks

Hello crafty friends, Annie Collins here, I am so honored to be asked back as Guest Design for Artesprix this term. I created this fun rainbow feather bookmark with their sublimation markers. These blanks come in a set of 4 and they are perfect for paper crafters like myself who only have a small heat source. I have the Cricut Press Mini, which is perfect for small sublimation blank projects because it reaches 400℉. 

sublimation bookmarks with artesprix markers
What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?
Iron-on-Ink is a innovative form of Sublimation personalization from Artesprix! Instead of having to invest in a Sublimation printer to experience this high-level of personalization, Artesprix has made it possible for everyone to experience it with Iron-on-Ink! When sublimation ink is combined with heat and pressure, and applied to a compatible material, the result is a permanent lifetime project that will never fade, scratch, or peel. The design becomes one with the object! 

metal bookmark fine tip sublimation markers heat tape
Sublimation Blank: Bookmarks 4ct
Sublimation Markers: Basic Fine Point 10ct.
Protective Project Paper
Heat Tape
Protective Project Mat
Cricut Mini Heat Press Machine
Jot Brand Stencil: Feathers
Darice Brand Stenci: Stars
Copy Paper
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Start by tracing the Bookmark onto the copy paper using a pencil.

pencil design for sublimation project on plain paper
Step 2: Trace the stencil design within the template.
Pro Tip: Using pencil with your stencils, as opposed to markers, will help keep them clean from ink my image into copy paper using my pencil.

sublimation marker design on plain paper
Step 3: Color in the design using the Basic Fine Tip Sublimation Markers. 
Pro Tip #2: Set your heat source to 400℉ to allow to pre-heat while you create.

secured sublimation bookmark with heat tape
Step 4: When the design is completed, use the Heat Tape to hold the bookmark in place during the transfer process.
Step 5: Create a "sublimation sandwich" which is 2 pieces of protective paper around the secured bookmark project.  

sublimation bookmark project with protective paper
Step 6: With the paper on top of the bookmark, place your heat source on your bookmark with firm pressure and transfer for 45 seconds. IMPORTANT: Do not move from side-to-side, hold heat source stationary. 
Step 7: When the 45 seconds is up, remove your heat source. Carefully conduct a "peek test", lift up a corner of your design, without removing the tape, and confirm the design transferred successfully. 
Step 8: If the "peek-test" was successful, remove your paper from your blank to reveal your design. 

sublimation artesprix bookmark before and after
This bookmark is now complete! I personalized a second bookmark using a star stencil, with the basic gray marker for white stars. I hope this tutorial inspires you to give these bookmarks a try. Thank you for following along for my guest designer Iron-on-Ink project. If you are looking for more Artesprix inspiration, see what is new on the blog! 
Stay crafty!
Annie Collins 



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