Personalized DIY Keychain with Artesprix Markers

Artesprix Key Chain Project for all!

Hey there! Courtney here starting this new year off with a Personalized DIY Keychain Artesprix Style. Artesprix has not one but three different types of keychains available in their online shop. A maple, metal and plastic option that includes 2 complete keychains in the packaging. I am here to post about the plastic keychain and how to create a custom look. 

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

These Sublimation Markers are essential tools to use while creating lasting DIY projects. Iron-on-Ink Markers have the inks to provide the creator with DIY capabilities at their fingertips. These special inks while combined with a heat source add a permanent design to a product of choice with polyester variables.Artesprix supplies

Materials & Tools:

    Step-by-Step Tutorial:

    Step 1First, trace the keychain on a plain piece of copy paper. Tip: Doing this helps keep your design within the perimeters of your keychain.

    Trace your blank on to your copy paper

    Step 2: Use the Acrylic Block along with the Stamp Pad and Sublimation Markers. Tip: Remember your traced perimeters, have any text well inside of the design and let other design flow freely over traced lines for a custom look.

    Iron on Ink design

    Step 3: Next, cut around the design leaving space on all sides to adhere heat tape. Tip: Heat Tape resists the transfer of sublimation ink to polyester product. Make sure to only put tape over spots in which no design is.

    Design taped to Artesprix blank

    Step 4: Finally, create the signature Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich. 

    • Bottom: Protective Paper
    • Middle: Personalized DIY Keychain Artesprix Style taped design closest to heat source.
    • Top: Protective Paper

    Place the sandwich in the heat press as is and press for 60 seconds at 400˚ F.  Tip: Protective Paper pieces should be sized to completely cover design area this helps with unintended design additions to later projects. 

    Artesprix Sublimation Sandwich

    Step 5: After a brief cooling of the keychain, you can peek and see your creation by lifting a corner of the copy paper gently. Attach the key tab to complete the keychain.

    Peak test for Artesprix Project

    Was this Personalized DIY Keychain Artesprix Style Tutorial helpful? You can see many different tutorials done by the Artesprix Design Team on the blog. Here is a keychain done by Ivy and another one here created by Nicole. Explore more of the blog and find inspiration and helpful tutorials and tips. 

    Artesprix Key Chain Project with Iron-on-Ink

    Iron-on-Ink is a fantastic way to start figuring out sublimation. If you are new to this craft, just following along on the design teams' journey or following along on any of the social medias will help you to becoming more familiar with sublimation. Soon a Personalized DIY Keychain Artesprix Style will come naturally and you will be creating them for everyone! Please share your creations we would all love to see them!

    See you soon!

    Courtney from CrafteeWorks


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