Pet Bandana Iron-on-Ink style for your 4th of July celebrations!

Iron-on-Ink Pet Bandana Project using Artesprix Sublimation Markers

Learn how to design cute pet bandanas for any occasion!

Hi Ivy here! Can you believe it’s already July? We don’t really have any special festivities going on this year because everything is cancelled in my town, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress festive at home right?!? I have a super easy Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Pet Bandana Project to share with you guys. I love how all Artesprix Sublimation Projects will last a lifetime and never fade! Let’s get started.

Pet Bandana Iron-on-Ink Project



Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1.

Use a pencil to draw the outline of your Pet Bandana on plain white copy paper.

Trace your Pet bandana blank on plain copy paper.

Step 2.

Draw a variety of stars by using Artesprix markers, I love using the fine tip black marker to add details. That is what I used to outline some of the stars. I only drew on the bottom half of my Pet Bandana because I am going to roll the bandana up to make it smaller.

Design your Pet bandana Iron-on-ink image with Sublimation markers.

Step 3.

Next, you need to trim your design using scissors. I wanted to leave the outer stitch white so I made sure when I taped my design to my Pet Bandana it was above the stitched part. Use the Artesprix heat tape to hold your bandana in place. This step is very important because If you don’t your paper may move slightly when you apply the heat, which could leave a “ghost” image.

Step 4.

Set the temperature on your heat-press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a home iron set it at the highest setting.

Step 5.

Time to make a sublimation sandwich, cut protective paper large enough to cover the Pet Bandana. Place one sheet of protective underneath and then place the bandana and cover it with another protective sheet. Press your heat press for 30 seconds.

Lay Pet bandana project on heat press.

Step 6.

Allow your bandana to cool down. Lift the tape gently from one side and reveal the design.

Reveal Pet bandana design.

Step 7.

To make the bandana smaller I rolled the bandana and pressed it in the heat press. Thats it your pet bandana is complete!

If you think taking a photo of your kids is hard, try taking a photos of a hedgehog lol She is so stinkin’ cute in her new bandana though! I think she likes it.

If you enjoyed this Pet bandana be sure to check out This floral or flamingo poly zip case.

Happy Fourth of July friends!


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