Put Your Ideas on an Artesprix TShirt

Hello creative!  Rita Barakat here today, as a mixed media artist, I love drawing, painting, color and anything creative! Today we are putting our ideas onto an Artesprix Tshirt! I have wanted to do a tshirt for a long time so let's get started! 
DIY T shirt with sublimation heat transfer markers

What are Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix markers enable you to draw on regular printer paper and transfer it onto sublimation blank materials such as aprons, t-shirts, tumblers and more!? I love that we are putting our ideas onto an Artesprix Tshirt! This design is simple and has a sweet message!


Heat press or Household Iron
Copy Paper

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Usually I create a template with pencil for my project, but because this is a T shirt I only need
to figure out how much space I would like to cover. 
Step 2: All sublimation requires mirrored textuse a light board but if you don’t have one you can draw your image, flip it over so the letters are mirrored. Put a piece of copy paper on top and tape it to a window (during the day!) and trace the design with the Artesprix markers onto the copy paper! Easy! 

Step 3: Design! I've noticed that I tend to use the fine tip black Artesprix marker  only comes in the Black Sublimation Marker kit. This project needed that small tip marker! This is also a great time to turn on your heat press, for this project you will set it to 370℉. 

Step 4: Prep your blank. With textiles/fabrics we need to lint roll to get rid of any dust or particles we might not be able to see and pre-press for 5 seconds. Pre-pressing wicks out moisture, gets rid of wrinkles, and it is a great time to check the pressure. 

Step 5: When using a heat press, only a few pieces of tape is necessary. If you're using a home iron you need to keep your design small and be generous with your tape around your design. 

Sublimation design on polyester shirt with markers

Step 6: Make a Sublimation Sandwich. For this Sandwich, we need an extra layer of protective paper. Place a piece of protective paper on the bottom of your heat press, or under the back of the shirt, this will help keep that side nice and clean. Then place a piece of paper in between your shirt to prevent ink from transferring to the back of the shirt. With your design secured face down to your shirt, place one more piece of protective paper on top to protect your heat platen. 

Sublimation T shirt project with Artesprix sublimation markers

Step 7: Double check Time, Temperature, and Pressure before doing your transfer. T-shirt transfer time is 35 seconds at 370℉. 

Artesprix heat press

Step 8: Peek test! This is my favorite part! Without removing your heat tape, peel back a corner of your design to ensure you got a good transfer. If you did not, check your time, temperature, and pressure, and re-press. 

sublimation design with heat transfer markers

Step 9: Big Reveal! Once you confirmed your transfer was successful, remove your design to reveal your unique and vivid transfer. 

Sublimation t shirt with black marker heat transfer

Step 10: This is freshly transferred, I did end up ironing the rest of the shirt to make it more uniform!
Sublimation DIY t shirt design with heat transfer marker

The thought of putting our ideas onto an Artesprix Tshirt makes for limitless opportunities! And I love how crisp the design came out, don’t you?

I hope this inspires you to make something today! If this post inspired you to make something, share about it in the comments below! And if you decide to make a Tshirt please leave us a link below, we would LOVE to see it!

See you next time!
Rita Barakat

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  • Hi Lisa! You do not need to pre-wash your sublimation fabric before transferring your marker design. Ensure your fabric has a high polyester content to ensure vibrancy with your permanent transfer.

    Posted by Team Artesprix on March 20, 2024
  • Hello do i need to prewash my fabric before using the markers?

    Posted by Lisa Zigmond on March 20, 2024

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