Iron-on-Ink Shake Your Merry Maker Poly-Canvas Zip Case!

Hi again! Nicole Martel on the blog with you today. I have been making DIY projects for the Holidays and wanted to create an Artesprix Holiday Poly Canvas Zip Case. I though it would be perfect to hold some candy and maybe a gift card for a gift! Let me show you how to create this fun Iron-on-Ink project. I'm super pleased with how this turned out! The Santa stamp on this Iron-on-Ink Shake Your Merry Maker Poly-Canvas Zip Case makes me happy.

Artesprix Poly Canvas Zip Case

Materials & Tools:

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1. Place the Poly Canvas Zip Case on a piece of plain copy paper and trace the outline using a pencil to determin the area that you have to work on. Then, stamp the images within the rectangle using the Sublimation Ink Pad.

Poly Canvas Zip Case Stamp your deign onto the copy paper with your Sublimation Ink Stamp Pad

 Step 2. Color in the design using the Artesprix Sublimation Markers. There are many colors to chose from! I liked the Botanical Sublimation Markers colors for this project.

Color the design using Iron-on-Ink

 Step 3. Using the Artesprix Heat Tape, tape your design face down to your blank Artesprix Poly Canvas Zip Case. Remember, this Artesprix blank is double sided so you could do both!

Artesprix Poly Canvas Zip Case

 Step 4. Turn your Artesprix Heat Press on and set the Temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and the timer for 45 seconds.

Step 5. Create your Sublimation Sandwich. Cut two pieces of Protective Paper to cover your project on the top and bottom. Place a small piece of protective paper inside the canvas to prevent the ink from bleeding through the canvas. Place it inside the Heat Press (making sure the zipper is placed on the outer edge of the heat press) and close the machine and that your design is face down but on top of your Sublimation Sandwich. The Heat Press will beep indicating that your project is finished!

Step 6. While wearing protective gloves, lift the handle and remove your Poly-Canvas Zip Case. Place it on the Protective Project Mat and give it about 2 minutes to cool down. Gently remove the paper to reveal your vivid design!

Step 7. If you wanted to give your project some extra sparkle, glue desired embellishments onto the bag and allow the glue to try. Tie a piece of ribbon through the zipper!

Artesprix Poly Canvas Zip Case Project

There you have it, your Iron-on-Ink Shake Your Merry Maker Poly-Canvas Zip Case is complete! 

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Here is my YouTube video for this Iron-on-Ink Poly Canvas Zip Case Project. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!Artesprix Design Team

Nicole Martel


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