Shiny Sunshine Artesprix Blank of the Month Glitter Zip Case

HELLO! Designer Betsy here and It’s time to SHINE! I used to be a big time morning person…during my younger (pre-caffeinated, uses make-up for a bit of a self-confidence) days. As I have gracefully aged I have decided I am more of a middle of the afternoon person! Mornings are for sleeping in, evenings are for PJ’s and chill with an early bedtime. Afternoon is where it’s at! Unfortunately my day job and volunteer work requires me to be a morning person so I wanted a reminder to Capre Diem and each new day is an opportunity to SHINE!
When I first saw our GORGEOUS Blank of the month Glitter Zippered Cosmetic Bag I was a bit intimidated. It’s so pretty, and sparkly! Just how it is! But I wanted some artwork on it and a reminder to SHINE no matter how sleepy I may feel, so I grabbed my Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Markers, Sublimation Stamp Pads, and a couple of stencils and got to work sublimating a design on the Blank of the Month case.

sublimation glitter zip case with artesprix Iron-on-ink
What is Artesprix Iron-on-Ink?
Artesprix Sublimation Inks are specially formulated heat transferred ink. These inks allow you to create personalized designs on polyester coated surfaces and polyester fabrics. Using plain copy paper, you create your design,, you then transfer the finished design onto your compatible blank using a heat source and pressure. The results are vibrant, colorful, and best of all permanent! Before Artesprix you needed a fancy printer to experience this level of personalization, but not anymore! 

sublimation markers artesprix stamp pads stencils
Glitter Zip Case
Sublimation Markers
Sublimation Stamp Pad
Stencil “Rise and Shine” Deco Arts 
Stamp Blending Brushes
Masking tape
Heat Tape
Protective Paper Roll
Copy Paper
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Using a pencil, trace the outline of your Zip Case on copy paper. I marked where the zipper line was for reference.

sublimation zip case template on plain paper
Pro Tip: Now is a great time to turn on your heat source. This blank calls for a transfer temperature of 385 ℉. 

stencil with mirrored text for sublimation project
Step 2: Stencil your word onto your template. Sublimation calls for mirrored text. Simply flip the stencil over to create reversed text to trace. I wanted more of a doodled look to my word so I traced the outline of the word “SHINE” with black, then I removed the stencil and added some lines and colored in the entire word. 

mirrored text with sublimation marker black
Step 3: Position the starburst stencil over your words, and use masking tape to hold in place. Using an ink blending brush and dab the stamp pad on the stencil.

sublimation design with artesprix iron-on-ink

Pro Tip #2: Use more of an up and down motion verses a circular on to avoid your ink bleeding under the stencil. This will help keep your edges crisp. Because my words were done in orange, I used yellow in the middle (going over the words) blending outward with orange on the tips of the sun rays to create an ombre effect. Remove your stencil. 
Step 4: Transfer time! Position your Glitter Zip Case Sublimation Blank over your artwork and secure in place using Heat Tape.

sublimation glitter zip case with protective paper
Step 5: Flip your project over so your secured artwork is face-down on top. "Sublimation Sandwich" your secured project in between two layers of protective paper. 
Step 6: Time to make the magic! I used a heat press at 385℉ for 45 seconds. Be sure to leave your zipper outside the press.

sublimation artesprix design on glitter zip case

Step 7: Take a "peek to test" if the color transferred well. 

before and after artesprix sublimation design on zip case
Step 8: Allow to cool and then reveal your finished design! Look at that sparkle! 

sublimation artesprix iron-on-ink design on glitter zip case
I loved how quick and easy this project is! That is one of my favorite things about Iron-on-Ink, it is great for quick projects as well as more intricate projects. This Blank of the Month Glitter Zip Case turned it into a reminder to get out there and SHINE! Need a bit of moral support to begin your next Iron-on-Ink project? Come join our Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Inspirational Group! Hope to see you there! 
Happy Crafting!
Betsy Burnett 


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