Sublimation Textured Coaster Project!

What Do You See Artesprix?

Hi! Courtney here creating with a the Artesprix Ink Refill and a Gel Press Plate. You may remember I worked on my Artesprix T-Shirt Project a few weeks ago where I made an ink splatter that actually sparked a little creativity for this project. Follow along to see the outcome and play along with the “What Do You See Artesprix?”

Artesprix Textured Costers

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

These are creative tools that you can use to create a sublimation project with. Either being new or skilled in the area of sublimation, you can make anything you want with these specialized ink markers and a polyester or polyester coated material.

Artesprix Supplies

Materials & Tool:

1. Sublimation Markers 

2. Sublimation Stamp Ink Refill – Black

3. Heat Tape

4. Protective Paper Roll

5. Project Mat

6. Heat Press 

7. Textured Coasters 4ct

8. Regular Copy Paper

9. Pencil

10. Gel Press Plate 5X7

11. Gel Press Brayer - 4 Inch 

12. Eye Dropper

13. Water

14. Small Dish

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Starting off I trace a Coaster 4 times as a template for measuring out my design

Trace your blank on plain copy paper

Step 2: Next, I use a little water and a few drops of the Ink Refill and use an eye dropper to drop the mixture onto a Gel Press Plate.

Gel Press technique

Step 3. After the Gel Press Plate has droplets all around it, I use the Gel Press Brayer to roll the design onto the 4 pieces of copy paper. 

Iron on Ink design on copy paper

Step 4: With the ink splatter picked up by the copy paper and Gel Press Brayer, I let them dry and then I use Heat Tape to tape the Coasters to the designs.

Artesprix Tape to secure coaster to Iron on Ink design

Step 5: Now, with my heat press set to 400˚ Fahrenheit, I place my Sublimation Sandwiched Coasters in my heat press and press for 90 seconds.

Artesprix Heat Press

Step 6: Finally it is time for the peek test. A test to peek and see that my design transferred smoothly

The Big Reveal

Now... What Do You See Artesprix? 

So my previous project inspired me to do a collection of Coasters that resemble the Rorschach Test. So, what do you see Artesprix? I think these will be a great conversation starter during game nights. Want to see another fun Coaster project? Click here! The Inspirational Facebook Group is a great way to see others’ creations and to share yours.

Iron on Ink finished product

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Artesprix Textured Coaster

Until Next Time, 

Courtney Larose


  • Very cool coasters!

    Posted by NICOLE MARTEL on March 25, 2021

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