Turn your Sublimation Printer into a Artesprix Coloring Book!

Hey everyone! It's Ashley here, and I am so excited to be writing my first blog for irononink.com. I am looking forward to sharing how you can turn your Sublimation Printer into a Coloring Book with you.

For this project I am creating this blog to coincide with my Virtual Class I am teaching at the Sublimation Summit, but anyone can follow these easy step-by-step directions to help you get a little more crafty in the world of Sublimation!

Sublimation Coaster


Sublimation Markers

Plain Copy Paper

Sublimation Printer & Computer 

Heat Tape 

Protective Paper Roll

Project Mat

Heat Press

Textured Coasters 4ct

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1. Hop on your computer that is hooked up to your Sublimation Printer and open your preferred Design Software with your Coloring Image of choice. We use Adobe Photoshop.

Pro Tip: Turn on your Heat Press to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit so it can heat up while you're creating your design.

Step 2. Mirror your design and resize your image to fit within the dimensions of your blank. For this project I will be personalizing Textured Coasters which are 3.5" x 3.5".

Sublimation Unisub Coasters

Sublimation Coloring Book

Step 3. Once your design is resized and mirrored, you are ready to print! We are using the Uninet iColor350. We love this Sublimation Printer because it uses regular copy paper instead of Sublimation Paper. We advise to only use regular copy paper with Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Markers because the texture of Sublimation Paper does not "play well" with the marker tips. 

Sublimation Coloring Page Coaster

 Sublimation Printer Coloring Book

(it prints with the design face down but I flipped it for an aesthetic photo)

Step 4. Now you're ready to color! Sublimation Markers should be stored horizontally when not in use, then placed tip down before and during use.

Sublimation Coloring Book

All of Artesprix's colored markers are chisel tip which gives you diversity to fill small or larger spaces.

Sublimation Coloring Book

*You might notice that the color on the paper is muted, just like a sublimation design from your sublimation printer. But don't worry, the colors will come to life once heat is applied just like your traditional sublimation projects.*

Sublimation Coloring Book

Step 5. Once you're finished coloring we are ready to transfer. Create a "Sublimation Sandwich" by first taping your Coaster, white side to the design, with Heat Tape. Then place a piece of Protective Paper on the top and the bottom of your taped design. 

Sublimation Coloring Book Coaster

Step 6. Once your "Sublimation Sandwich" is ready to go, place it in your Heat Press which is set for 400 Degrees Fahrenheit and 90 seconds. 

Heat Press

Step 7. When the transfer is complete, place your project on the Project Mat so the blank has a safe place to cool, protecting your work surface. Once the item has cooled, peel back your design to reveal your unique lifetime creation! 

Sublimation Coaster Sublimation Markers

I hope you all enjoyed this Step-by-Step tutorial on how to turn your Sublimation Printer into a Coloring Book. It makes Iron-on-Ink extra easy! If you liked this blog, please leave us a comment below to let us know. Or better yet, join our Facebook Group if you haven't already because we are always sharing fun ideas like these with our members. 

Happy Creating! Ashley 

Sublimation Coaster




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