Throw an Iron-on-Ink Party with Artesprix Sublimation Markers!

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Create a fun Iron-on-Ink party with Artesprix markers. They’re a great party activity that can double as a party favor, too!

Hey, Inkers! Gina here. Are you ready to party with Artesprix? I love going to parties where there are fun activities, especially crafty activities, and an Iron-on-Ink party is easy for beginners so anyone can join in. Today, I’ll share some tips for how to throw an Iron-on-Ink party your friends and family won’t forget.

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throw an iron on ink party with Artesprix

Getting crafty with Artesprix markers is easy for any level of crafter so an iron on ink party makes it fun for everyone. Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, or even a crafty girls night out are perfect opportunities to break out the markers and let guests design and make their own party favors. Bonus-all you have to do is provide the supplies, a little guidance, and your heat press or home iron.

How Artesprix Sublimation Markers Work?

These innovative and unique markers contain a liquid ink that, when heated at a high temperature, turn into a gaseous dye that permeates a polyester blank to create a lasting image. There’s no fading over time so your designs will bring joy for years to come.

Ready to throw your own iron on ink party? Let’s do it!

First, gather some Artesprix materials and set them out buffet style. You could use an assortment of Artesprix blanks if your crowd is crafty. If you’re hosting a lot of newby crafters or kids, I suggest using one type of blank so that you’re only explaining one project to the group. Today, we’re using keychains. Here’s what else you need:



Exciting news! Artesprix now offers a Sublimation Stamp Ink Pad Refill! No need to worry about your Artesprix stamp pad running out of ink. This handy refill allows you to apply fresh sublimation ink so you can party and stamp even longer!

Tips for How to Throw an Iron-on-Ink Party!

To make your iron ink party go smoothly, have everyone do the craft at the same time. Or, alternatively, have one person stationed at the designated craft space to answer questions and to demonstrate. Have someone knowledgable with the heat source do the actual pressing.

Step 1:

Everyone traces their blank onto plain copy paper using a pencil. Have them write their name at the top so the person pressing can keep them organized.

Step 2:

Use the acrylic stamp block, the stamp ink pad, and an image stamp to stamp onto the paper.

Step 3:

Use the Artesprix markers to color in the image. Your guests can also freehand draw with the markers, too. I added some confetti and streamers.

Step 4:

Repeat process on another piece of paper for the backside of the keychain. The Artesprix keychains are double sided for double the fun! Guests can use the stencil to add their initial for the backside. Trace with pencil and fill in with the Artesprix markers.

Step 5:

Now’s a good time to heat up the press. 400 degrees and (press for 60 seconds). Have your guests place the blanks face down onto the colored image lined up with the traced blank. Apply protective heat tape to secure.

throw an iron on ink party taped blanks

Sublimation Sandwich

Step 6:

Make sub sandwiches. Not those kind, silly! Have your guests cut two pieces of the protective paper. One for the bottom and one for the top. Ensure the image they are transferring is at the top, like the cheese. The second piece of protective paper is the bun. Place that on top.

Step 7:

As your guests finish, one person can be in charge of heating and pressing. Heat at 400 degrees Ferinhetit for 30 seconds. As the blanks come off the press, the presser can lay them out in an assembly line fashion with the guests names facing up. Once they’re cool, the guests remove the tape to reveal the magic!

how to throw an iron on ink party

I hope you enjoyed learning how to throw an iron on ink party! Let us see your creations in the Artesprix Iron-On-Ink Inkspiration Facebook Group.

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Throw an iron on ink party with Artesprix markers and supplies.

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