Brutus Monroe Crafty Elves Christmas Tag with Iron-on-Ink

Hello Crafty Friends, my name is Annie Collins, and I am so honored to be asked to Guest Design for Artesprix for November. I created this cute Christmas Tag for my grandson. I thought he would love to hang it off his stocking this year and for years to come. Artesprix Plastic Bag Tags make this project so easy! Some quick stamping and coloring and I have an adorable gift that will last a lifetime! 

sublimation bag tag with artesprix iron-on-ink stamp pad and markers

What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?

Iron-on-Ink is a innovative form of Sublimation personalization from Artesprix! Instead of having to invest in a Sublimation printer to experience this high-level of personalization, Artesprix has made it possible for everyone to experience it with Iron-on-Ink! When sublimation ink is combined with heat and pressure, and applied to a compatible material, the result is a permanent lifetime project that will never fade, scratch, or peel. The design becomes one with the object! 

sublimation bag tags artesprix markers and iron-on-ink stamp pad


Sublimation Stamp Pad – Black

Sublimation Markers 

Bag Tag 2ct

Heat Tape

Protective Paper Roll

Project Mat

Brutus Monroe Stamp Set: Crafty Elves

Misti Stamping Platform

Cricut Mini Heat Press Machine


Copy Paper


Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: I started by tracing the Artesprix Plastic Bag Tag onto the copy paper using a pencil.

sublimation stamp design using acetate sheet

Step 2: Next, I stamped my design onto an acetate sheet using the Artesprix Ink Stamp Pad: Black. This way I could reverse the way the little elf was facinging.  I gently placed the acetate onto the copy paper and pressed to transfer the design. 

stamped design before adding sublimation markers

Step 3: I then used the Artesprix Original Markers to color my elf. I left the little elf face white. 

Pro Tip: I made an extra transfers just in case I messed up, and since Artesprix projects use plain copy paper it was a no brainer. I always like having a back-up plan. I want to show you the two next to each other so you can see the colors are fabulous.

sublimation marker stamp design on plain paper
Step 4: I set my mini Cricut Easy Press to 
400℉ to pre-heat while we get ready to transfer.

Step 5: I placed the Artesprix Plastic Bag Tag onto my finished design, aligning the tag traced outline. Then,  I used the Artesprix Heat Tape to hold the tag in place so that my design wouldn't shift.

secured sublimation bag tag to design with heat tape

Step 7: Next, I created my "Sublimation Sandwich". I cut 2 pieces of  Artesprix Protective Project Paper bigger than my tag. One was layered on the bottom of the project, and the other piece was layered on top.  The bottom piece keeps the other side white, while the top piece protects my Cricut Mini from unwanted ink. 

Step 8: Then, I placed my sandwich onto Artesprix Protective Project Mat, ensuring the top piece of protective paper is the only thing in-between the heat and the design, which is secured to my blank. The plastic material calls for a transfer time of 60 seconds. Once everything is ready, I pressed directly onto the blank and held stationary, not moving from side to side, to prevent ghosting.

Step 9: When the full transfer time transpired, it's good practice to conduct a "peek test". Remove the heat, and carefully, lift up a small corner of the paper to confirm your transfer was successful. If not, you can check your time, temperature, "sandwich" position and re-press. 

sublimation bag tag with artesprix iron-on-ink

Step 10: Once I confirmed the transfer was successful, I removed my copy paper and revealed the elf on the Artesprix Plastic Bag Tag. 

Step 11: The Christmas tag is now complete! Add the loop that comes with it, or you can add your own Christmas ribbon!

Artesprix Sublimation Markers, Stamp Pads, and Blanks made this a quick and easy gift to make. I hope my project inspired you so that you will give it a try! You will be amazed how easy they are to use, all while giving your paper crafting supplies a new life in sublimation crafting! This would be a great holiday activity you can use them with the entire family. If you're looking to give the gift of Artesprix this holiday season, I highly suggest the Sublimation Starter Kit they have in the Shop right now. It has everything a Maker would need to try sublimation. 

Thank you for stopping by the blog today! 

Annie Collins


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