DIY Sublimation Coasters that are Easy & Fun for everyone!

DIY Textured Coasters Sublimation Project!

Learn how to design a Fairy themed Coaster using Sublimation Markers!

We have been enjoying having tea parties at home with my daughter. She was wondering why her dolls didn’t have coasters like we do in our home. We decided to create fairy-themed DIY Sublimation Coasters that not only could we use for her tea parties but Mom would be happy to use as well! Let’s get started.

Fairy themed DIY Sublimation Coasters.

We absolutely love using these Heat Transfer Markers and every time that we create with them we are amazed at the end product.

Fairy themed Coaster

The bright vivid colors that appear after using the heat press are always a delight to see. These adorable fairy coasters would be the highlight of a tea party or even to use in a little girls bedroom. I know we always have to have a glass of water on our nightstand and these coasters would be a perfect use for that too.

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers.

Artesprix Sublimation Markers have the capability to transfer your drawings from plain paper to any Polyester Fabric or Polyester Coated Blank with their unique sublimation process.


1. Sublimation Markers

2. Copy Paper

3. Heat Tape

4. Protective Paper

5. Artesprix  Heat Press, Dry Iron or Home Iron

6. Project Mat

7. Artesprix Textured Coasters

Fairy Themed Coasters Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1.

Trace your DIY Sublimation Coasters onto plain copy paper with a pencil and use a stencil to create your design.

Fairy themed Coaster

Step 2.

Color in your DIY Sublimation Coasters design using your Iron-on-Ink Markers.

Fairy themed Coaster

Pro Tip: If you want color along an edge of your project, be sure to “bleed” the colors past the outline of the blank tracing.

Step 3.

Preheat your Artesprix Heat Press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

pet bandana heat sublimation project

Step 4.

Secure your design (face-down) to the front side of your DIY Sublimation Coasters with Artesprix Heat Tape.

Fairy themed design taped down to the Artesprix Coaster.

Leave at least 1-2 inches of space around the traced area so the tape does not so you have room to place the heat tape accordingly. Just remember, anywhere you place the tape heat your design will not transfer through thoroughly. Artesprix Heat Tape can also be used to fix any “oopsie,” on your design before transferred. Simply place a piece of tape over your, “oopsie,” and it will not transfer to your blank.

Step 5.

Create a “Sublimation Sandwich,” between two pieces of protective paper and place it in your Heat Press. Be sure your design is face down on the top of your Sublimation Sandwich.

Tape your design face down to your DIY Sublimation Coasters.

Step 6.

Set your Artesprix press timer for 90 seconds.

Step 7.

After your timer has gone off. Use care to take out your Artesprix Textured Coasters – they will be extremely hot.

The Big Reveal of your DIY Sublimation Coasters.

Be sure to turn off your heat source.

If you liked this Fairy Themed Texture Coasters project, be sure to check out our animal print bookmarks , tropical coaster , Poly Travel Zip Case projects and Tie Dye T-Shirt as well that uses the same markers and process. Get everything you need for this coaster and so many more projects on the Artesprix website. Stay tuned for more projects to come and pin for later!

Happy Crafting!

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