Floral Headband with Iron-on-Ink

I am Adam and I am a paper crafting guru. I love making cards for all occasions and have done so for the past 8 years. I have since progressed to mixed media using stamping and other paper and metal pieces. I am now branching out into the world of sublimation ink crafts. I love how Artesprix offers so many different blanks to work with the Artesprix Iron-on ink and decided to create a headband using the Artesprix headband blank for my mom as a gift for Mother’s Day to go along with the canvas pouch I made last month using Artesprix products. As I said last month, she will love it because I made it for her. Let’s face it homemade gifts are always better then store bought. 

sublimation headband with artesprix iron-on-ink
What is Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?
I see sublimation crafting as an extension of what I currently use. Artesprix Iron-on Ink offers a complete line of sublimation products that allow artists and crafters to personalize polyester-coated blanks with their own designs. I can color in stamped image with the markers after I stamp the image using the sublimation iron-on-ink onto a piece of printer paper.  This ink in marker form or pad form is amazingly intense and colorful once it is ironed or heat press set onto the metal heart blank used for the project. The ink really intensifies with the heat. It will appear dull on the printer paper but the final product is beyond belief.

sublimation headband artesprix markers iron-on-ink stamp pad
Heat Press, Home Iron, or Craft Iron
Heat Tape
Protective Paper Roll
Sublimation Stamp Pad – Black
Sublimation Markers
Floral stamps, or any stamps of your choice
Step-by-Step Tutorial: 
Step 1: Start by tracing the headband on white printer paper or card stock with a pencil. Pencil will not transfer to your blank. 

sublimation headband template
Step 2: Stamp your chosen designs within your created template using the Artesprix black sublimation Iron-on-Ink Stamp Pad. It is encouraged to stamp outside the traced space as well so you are able to line it up as you prefer when it comes time to transfer. 
Pro Tip: I usually turn on the heat press during this stage of my creating. This allows plenty of time to get the press to the proper temperature. For this project I set the temperature to 400℉ and the timer for 45 seconds.

sublimation design with artesprix markers and stamp pad
Step 3: Next, using the sublimation markers color in the stamped designs on the printer paper. Here is where I like to use two or more shades of the same color to add shading or depth to the images.

secured sublimation headband with artesprix heat tape
Step 4: Place your headband within the template using heat resistant tape attach it to the blank insuring the image does not move.  The heat resistant tape is important because keeps your blank in place and resists the heat, without leaving residue on the finished project. 

protective siliconized paper on sublimation headband
Step 5: This step is what is referred to as a "sublimation sandwich". Cut two pieces of the protective paper larger than the headband. We also need an additional piece to put in-between the headband so the design doesn't transfer to the opposite side. 
Place one piece in-between, and the other two pieces on top and bottom of the headband. This will protect all work surfaces from sublimation ink. 
Step 6: Place project in the Heat Press, with the design on top, and transfer at 400℉ for 45 seconds.

sublimation artesprix design after transfer
Step 7: The most important step of the project is the "peek test"! Do not remove the tape from the blank until you lift a corner of the paper to verify a successful transfer. Your colors should be bright and vivid. If you did not get a bright, full transfer, check your time, temperature, pressure and "sublimation sandwich" and re-press. 

sublimation headband with artesprix iron-on-ink
Step 8: Once you have verified your transfer was successful, remove your paper from the headband to reveal your unique and vivid design! 

sublimation headband with artesprix iron-on-ink
I hope you enjoyed my Mother’s Day headband and keep in mind this headband blank would make a great kid’s gift too. I love how easy it is to design according to the age of the recipient using any Artesprix blank with Iron-on-Ink and stamps. I am looking forward to creating more fun projects this term with Iron-on-Ink. If you liked this Blog, check out other projects from previous months at Artesprix Blog. You can find more of my work over on my Instagram at  for more crafty inspiration.
Until next time!
Adam Karle 
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