Iron-on-Ink Friends and Secrets Zip Case

Hello Creative, Rita Barakat here! Friends and secrets are today’s theme for our project! Besides, you can never have too many of either! We are working on this cute canvas zippered case and I thought something with friends would be fun.Lets get started!DIY Artesprix Poly-Canvas Zip Case

What are Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation markers enable you to draw on regular copy paper and transfer on to sublimation blank materials such as tote bags, keychains and more. Draw any design you like with a pencil and color with Artesprix Sublimation Markers to personalize and create fun new projects!


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Make your design! Create a template with pencil for your project onto copy paper. It is always a good idea to use pencil because it does not transfer and it will be less likely that it marks up your blank. Color a design using Artesprix sublimation markers in the traced area.Artesprix Poly-Canvas Zip Case design

Step 2. Next, gently press any stamp in the Artesprix Iron-on-Ink Stamp Pad.  I used the Whispering Friends Stamp to keep our Friends and Secrets theme.  Color with Artesprix sublimation markers if you wish, or just a pop of color like I did for their lips.

Color the design using Iron-on-Ink Markers

*Pro Tip: Lint roll and wick out the moisture in your Artesprix Necktie! Whenever you are working with a fabric blank it is always a good idea to take this step to insure a crisp transfer. Wicking out the moisture means you press your Polyester Necktie in the heat press for 3 seconds. This gets rid of all the moisture before the design transfer process in Step 5.*

Step 3. Cut your design down and leave room around the edges for tape. *Pro Tip: Do not cover your design with tape.*

Step 4. To prep for the sublimation process cut two pieces of the siliconized release Artesprix Protective Paper and make a Sublimation Sandwich. The Iron-on-Ink design should be secured face down on top side of the Sublimation Sandwich. Note that your Protective Paper should be larger than your copy paper/design and the blank should be in the center of the appropriate size paper.

*Pro Tip: When using a heat press, only a couple pieces of tape is necessary. If using a home iron or crafting iron, more heat tape should be applied to prevent any shifting during the transfer process.*Create a Sublimation Sandwich

Step 5. Before closing the clamp it is a good idea to double check the Time, Temperature, and Pressure. Also check that the design is secured face down on the top side of your Sublimation Sandwich. Artesprix Heat Press

Step 6. Time is up! So exciting! Time to take a peek. Make sure that everything looks good before completely removing all the tape!

Artesprix DIY Poly-Zip Case

Step 7. Tada! Don’t you love how bright, fun and silly this came out? Friends and Secrets feels like a universal theme to me! You could make one for you and a friend with your names on them! If I can do it, so can you! Just think of all that you can create!Artesprix Poly-Zip Case

Did this inspire you to create something fun and whimsical? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to pop in the shop at Artesprix!

Rita Barakat

Rita Barakat


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