Iron-on-Ink Rose Metal Heart Ornament

Hello! I am Adam and I am a paper crafting guru. I love making cards for all occasions and have done so for the past 8 years. I have since progressed to mixed media using stamping and other paper and metal pieces. I am now branching out again into the world of sublimation ink crafts.
Now that the holidays are behind us and Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, I decided to craft an ornament for a Valentine gift using the Artesprix Metal Heart Ornament blank. I did not want a flat ornament so I added dimension by making it a mixed media and sublimation project.  This allows me to add texture and other craft pieces to the project.
Sublimation heart ornament with sublimation stamp iron-on-ink
What are Artesprix Sublimation Iron-on-Ink?
You ask “what is sublimation ink or crafting,” well for me I see it as an extension of what I currently use. Artesprix Iron-on Ink offers a complete line of sublimation products that allow artists and crafters to personalize polyester-coated blanks with their own designs. 
sublimation stamp pad, sublimation markers, sublimation heart ornament , rose stamps
Sublimation Markers
Sublimation Stamp Pad – Black
Acrylic Stamp Block
Heat Tape
Protective Paper Roll
Heat Press
Heart Ornament
Any Flower Cling or Rubber Stamp
Copy Paper
Step-by-Step Tutorial:
Step 1: Start by tracing the the heart ornament with a pencil on white printer paper. I always rough trace, leaving additional white space for ease of alignment of my design. 
heart ornament template for sublimation craft with iron-on-ink
Step 2: Stamp the roses, or any design stamp you prefer, as a background image using the Artesprix black sublimation Stamp Ink onto the printer paper template.
Step 3: Use the sublimation red marker to color in the roses stamped as a background for the metal heart blank.
Pro Tip: I usually turn on the heat press during this stage of my creating. This allows plenty of time to get the press to the proper temperature. For this project I set the temperature to 400℉.
sublimation rose stamp design with sublimation red marker
Step 4: Center the completed design onto the blank and using heat resistant tape. This will ensure the image does not move.  
Pro Tip: Be sure to tape around your blank, not over it. The heat resistant tape can cause the color to transfer unevenly if covering the colored image.
heart ornament before sublimation transfer
Step 5: Before the actual transfer, we have to make a "Sublimation Sandwich". Cut two pieces of the protective paper larger then the project being heated and place secured design between the two sheets.
sublimation iron-on-ink heart ornament before transfer
Step 6: Heat press the project according to the time and temperature suggested for that specific blank. The Heart Ornament calls for 400℉ for 75 seconds. 
peek test to ensure good sublimation transfer
Step 7: The most important step of the project is the Peek Test! Do not remove the tape from the Heart Ornament until you lift a corner of the printer paper with the Iron-on-Ink design to verify the design transferred. 
Pro Tip: If you did not get a bright and vivid transfer, keep your tape in place, check your time, temperature, pressure and "sublimation sandwich", and repress. 
heart ornament with sublimation iron-on-ink
Step 8: Once you know that your transfer was successful, remove your copy paper to reveal your unique Heart Ornament! 
Step 9: (Optional) I wanted to beef up the Valentine heart ornament by adding die cut leaves and small flowers. I added half pearls to the flower centers and shading to the leaves. I also die cut the letters to spell love to be placed onto the heart and made a yellow rosette.
sublimation heart ornament with paper crafting
Step 10: Lastly, attach the red ribbon hanger that was included with the Artesprix Heart Ornament to finish the project.
I hope you enjoyed my Mixed Media Metal Heart Ornament with Iron-on-Ink project. I am looking forward to creating more fun projects this term with Iron-on-Ink. If you liked this Blog, check out my latest Bag Tag Project! You can find more of my work over on my Instagram at for more crafty inspiration.
Adam Karle 
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