Let It Snow Artesprix Sequin Pillow

Hello friends! Who’s ready for some snow?! Chances are it has snowed where you live this January. To bring on the snow vibes…I altered a Sequin Pillow for winter.  Who loves sparkly, pretty things?! If you do, you’re in for a real treat. This Sequin Pillow Case is now available on the Artesprix Shop all the time. Do yourself a favor now...go on Amazon and purchase 2 or 3 16x16" pillows to stuff these beauties because once you try it, you’ll want to make a few more! This is my third pillowcase and I think this may be my favorite! I almost didn’t pay attention to the back color… Initially, I grabbed the purple, but then I saw the white and it was a no brainer… If I’m going to make a winter themed pillow case, it should be white! Right?

sublimation sequin pillow case with artesprix iron-on-ink

What are Artesprix Sublimation Markers?

Artesprix Sublimation Markers have the capability to transfer your drawings from a plain copy paper to any Polyester blank  with a unique process called, “Sublimation.” Once the blank goes through the heat press, your image is permanent! It will not wash off. So cool, right!? 


Sublimation Markers

Heat Press

Heat Tape

Protective Paper Roll

Sequin Pillow Case 

The Crafter’s Workshop Stencils (Let it Snow, Snowy Cabin, Snowflakes).

Copy Paper



Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: To begin, I taped two standard 8x11" sheets of copy paper side by side using heat tape. Then, I placed the Snowy Cabin stencil at the bottom using washi tape to hold down the stencil.

sequin pillow case sublimation craft template

Step 2: Once my canvas was ready, I used my sublimation markers to color in the cabin, trees and snowdrift.

the crafters workshop stencil design for sublimation pillow

Step 3: Then, I used the Snowflake stencil and blue sublimation markers to create the snowflakes across the top of the paper.

sublimation marker design with the crafters workshop stencil

Step 4: To create the text, I flipped the “Let it Snow” stencil backwards to create a mirror text and then colored in the alphas using the green sublimation marker.

sublimation iron-on-ink marker design with the crafters workshop stencil

Step 5: Using heat tape, I taped downthe design (face-down) to the sequin side of the Sequin Pillow Case. Be sure to secure all sides of the design using heat tape to avoid slipping because if it is not secured well, you may risk getting a ghost image. 

sublimation sequin pillow case before transfer with Artesprix Markers

Pro Tip: Make sure ALL your sequins are all lined up correctly, flipped to show the white side, so no silver appears! That way the image transfers properly! You can easily smooth them down using your fingernail. :)

protective paper over sublimation sequin project before transfer

Step 6: Now, you are ready to create a “Sublimation Sandwich”, from bottom to top: 

Artesprix Protective Paper

Sequin Pillow Case (velvet side down, sequin side up, with design secured)

Artesprix Protective Paper

Your heat press should be set for 60 seconds at 400℉. This blank also calls for firm pressure. Place “Sublimation Sandwich” in the heat press. After pressing, allow the item to cool before handling. It is very hot! 

sublimation sequin pillow after transfer with the crafters workshop stencil

Step 7: Once your Sequin Pillow Case is cool enough to touch, you need to conduct a "peek test" before removing any tape. Peel back a corner of your design to ensure your transfer was successful. 

let it snow sublimation sequin pillow case

Step 8: Big Reveal! Once you have confirmed your transfer was successful, remove your design! 

sublimation sequin pillow case with the crafters workshop stencil

I’m not gonna lie…when I pulled this off the heat press, I said out loud, “ohhhhhh!” I love this so freaking much! Doesn’t this pillowcase scream winter snowland!

sublimation sequin pillow case with artesprix iron-on-ink sublimation markers

I hope you were inspired to give this fabulous product a try! If you like this pillowcase, click here to check out my pillowcase I created for summer! Don’t wait to grab your pillowcase. Grab it today because these gems tend to sell out fast! Click here  to start shopping through my affiliate link.

Have a great rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!

Nicole Martel

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